MWest Challenge Results

Six CFL Incubator teams pitched their business ideas at the MWest Challenge.

There 50 teams in the competition from Aquinas, Calvin, Cornerstone, Davenport, GRCC, Hope, KCAD, Kuyper.

Here are the results:

Morpheus at MWest

Impact Award: Morpheus Scheduling Software

Wheelchair Loading at MWest

Impact Award: Wheelchair Loader

Fathom Drone at MWest Spirit of Entr

Amway Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award: Fathom Underwater Drone.

GLADglobe at MWest

Hope students at MWest

SHI, GVSU, Hope at MWest

Special thanks to Spectrum Health Innovations and GVSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for their support!

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