Milestones. Thank You!!

Dear Friends,

Because of your interest in transforming and transitioning students, together we are approaching and exceeding, with increasing momentum, the following milestones:

  • 115+ volunteers (student project advisers, guest lecturers, guest presenters, mentors, pitch judges, subject matter experts, practice clients, etc.) per year
  • 2,000+ pageviews on our Center for Faithful Leadership blog ( per month
  • 30+ leadership minors and over 225 students/year in LDRS courses (CFL-LDRS)
  • 80+ pitch contestants, 10 students in our 10-week summer entrepreneurship incubator, and discovering other student entrepreneurs scattered across campus (CFL-HEI)
  • 10-15 paid student consultants/year developing incredibly marketable and important life skills and great clients (Herman Miller, K&R Trucks, Presbyterian Homes and Services, Holland Rescue Mission, Community Action House, Safe Families, etc.) who make it possible (CFL-ASI)
  • The 18th Green (
  • Grads working for Dow Chemical, Teach for America, Peace Corps, Haworth, Herman Miller, etc., and for themselves, being offered incredible opportunities, giving back by engaging current students and financially supporting our programs, and asking “What would God have me do?”

With the economics of higher education what it is and a staff of just 3.0 full-time equivalent employees trying to seek God’s will, we know that without God and without you we couldn’t provide the grounding, experiences, and tools for the next generation of Christian leaders.



His power is being made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9), and he can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).  It’s true!


2012-2013 Volunteers (incomplete–with apologies)*

Dan Ackerman
Ann Anderson
Brian Aulick
David Beattie
Rachel Bishop
Dennis Blanchette
Kylen Blom
Jim Boelkins
Chris Bohl
Drew Born
Laurie Bos
Veronica Bosgraaf
Marty Boysen
Scott Brandonisio
Jarl Brey
Donna Bunce
Brian Burch
Camden Brieden
Brad Chassee
Amanda Chocko
Cheryl Cnossen
Chris Cook
Rebecca Currey
Jessica Daley
Hillary DeBoer
Nick Decker
Max DePree
Dick DeVos
Kristin Diekovers
Jeff Disher
Kim Douglas
Kristin Dunn
Lee Eilers
David Fleming
Bill Fluherty
Amy Freehafer
Layne Fuller
Seth Getz
Karen Goodwin
Wade Gugino
Choonghee Haan
Jonathan Hagood
Craig Hall
Emi Hattori
Nick Hayhoe
Carl Heideman
William (Ross) Heneveld
Colleen Hill
Steven Hoogerwerf
Bill Holsinger-Robinson
James Hop
Mike Jandernoa
Abbey Johnston
John Johnston
Diane Jones
Paul Jones
Laurie Jongekrijg
Lloyd Kaper
Stith Keiser
Wayne Kidder
Rob Knecht
Dan Kolean
David Kool
Kate Kooyman
Paul Kortman
Judy Kruis
Joe Lampen
Cort Langeland
Glenn Lowe
David Lowry
Jon Marcus
Kon Marcus
Kristen Marsh
Jay Martin
Sarah McCoy
Brad McLean
Nancy Miller
Phil Miller
Tressa Mills
Karyl Morin
Jeff Mulder
Haans Mulder
Tracey Nally
Todd Neckers
Matt Neil
Caleb Nykamp
Paul Olesh
Julie Osburn
Pete Palazzolo
Bill Pannapacker
Jay Peters
Luke Pinkerton
Jason Pliml
Rob Pocock
Tom Pratt
Stuart Ray
Abby Reeg
Nick Reister
Barry Rice
Christina Ritsema
Jeff Royce
Randy Rua
Jacob Rollenhagen
Scott Ryan
Aaron Schaap
Tim Schoonveld
Craig Schrotenboer
Jeannie Slenk
Amy Sluiter
Cheryl Smith
Kathy Stanek
Bill Swets
Jena Szatkowski
David Tapley
Jane Timmer
Phil Torrence
Sam Tzou
Jaime VanHeest
Pam VanPutten
David VanAndel
Tim VandeBunte
Charlie VanderBroek
Brenda VanderMeulen
Jody Vanderwel
Cynthia VanRenterghem
Laura Vaughn
Ryan Vaughn
Pat VerDuin
Ken Vos
Rick Wielopolski
Drew Wierda

*I apologize if your name was not included on this list.  Our growth is fueled by people like you connecting with people, and I know some of you are providing advice to and mentoring students beyond my knowledge.  Please let me know who you are because you are and who you are advising because you are very important to me, our students, and Hope College.

And, if you would like to volunteer to provide grounding, experiences, and tools for the next generation of Christian leaders, please let me know (


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