LDRS 231: Leading the Start-Up Process

Rom 174 Spring 2015 Idea Pitch

Are You An Entrepreneurial Leader Or A Leading Entrepreneur?

“This class has helped me understand my calling and how to make a difference.” — Haley Menzies

“I have learned more about myself this semester than in any other.  I feel that this course has led me in a direction I never really saw myself in before.” — Logan Meeker

Amanda Shepherd

Course Description

This course helps student teams be innovative.  They develop their own for-profit or non-profit business models using Steve Blank’s “Customer Discovery and Validation” process.  This course also serves as “boot camp” for HEI and is an elective in the MGMT major.



Clara and Liping at StartGarden (2)

  • Through experience, to develop an understanding of the lean start-up process
  • Through experience, to enhance communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic thinking skills
  • Through experience, to discern, develop, and deploy entrepreneurial leadership gifts and calling.

Our Results: Click here for a student’s perspective: What I learned about entrepreneurship in LDRS 231/MGMT 395

Our Process: Click here for an Introduction to “How to Build a Lean Startup”

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