Hope Grows: 2014 Fall Investor Pitch Winners

Every year the competition gets stronger because the coaching and talent gets better.  What is really exciting is that some of our gifts are still being discovered!  A special thanks to (1) our students for their passion, work ethic, and courage; (2) our coaches, including Seth Getz and our CFL Incubator alums (Grace, Jessica, Macall, Matt, Russell, Sam), who engage, inspire, and push us forward; (3) our guests, who visit us and share their stories and listen to ours; and (4) our judges who give us wise advice.  Because of their good work, we all win.  Thanks to all!

2014 Investor Pitch Awardees

  • Tech/App-oriented


1st place: Roelof Jan Elsinga; Idea: Aloia, a content management system


2nd place: Matt Gira, Danny Vessells, John Boss, Matt Webb; Idea: Fathom

Judges: Sheri Geddes, Seth Getz, Kathy MacLean

  • Service-oriented

Marc Boersma

1st place: Marc Boersma; Idea: Tip Top Teak and Boat Detailing

Judges: Jodi Beckman, Marty Boysen, Ryan Havey, David Stavenger

  • Retail-oriented

Adam Vander Ploeg 2

1st Place: Adam VanderPloeg; Idea: Pared People, a clothing solution for tall and thin people

Judges: Kathy DeVries, Rebecca Roberts, David Tapley, Ken Van Der Wende

Thanks to all!

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Click here for context and judging criteria.

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For updates on some of our Hope grown start-ups, see video clips here.

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