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To help students prepare for work by helping them discern, develop, and deploy their gifts and calling, and transition from college (CFL’s mission), CFL Incubator empowers Hope College students to co-create and validate their own social and economic business ideas.

Three Levels

CFL Incubator is a three-level program:

HEI AcademE May 11, 2015Level 1: Discovery is a interdisciplinary, experiential lean start-up academic experience for students as they walk through the initial phases of the start-up process, with an emphasis on bootstrapping and customer development.  By doing so students discover their gifts for customer discovery and product development and building organizations.  Level 1 is:

CFL Incubator Boot Camp

LDRS 201 — Introduction to Leadership (recommended)

LDRS 231 — Leading the Start-Up Process (required):

Click here to see video

Jordan Rose: What I Learned About Entrepreneurship

Pitch Opportunities



IMG_2804 copyLevel 2: Validate offers students a work experience like no other — structured part-time employment integrated with coaching, networking, and advising resources to take their business idea even further.  Students are invited to this level based on feedback from pitch judges and Start-Up AcademE coaches, and at the discretion of the CFL Director.  Level 2 consists of:


The HEI Award — Part-time Employment/Financial Support

HEI Heroes

Critique-A-Week Coaching

Other Opportunities:

Accelerate Michigan

Accelerate Michigan

Future Founders


GR Current — Emerge/Xcelerate — see promo video featuring Fathom

MWest Challenge

MWest Challenge



Partial Ring Cam TeamLevel 3: Scale is exemplified by the Ring Cam team (including alums Scott Brandonisio, Russell Fyfe, and Sam Tzou), the Fathom Team (including alums Matt Gira and John Boss), and other alums who regularly give back by coaching younger cohorts of CFL Incubator students.



For history of CFL and the CFL Incubator, click here.

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To learn more about CFL, click here.

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