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If weren’t for CFL, I would still have no idea where my strengths lie.  Thanks to the program and people involved.  I know the direction God has called me.”

Amanda Shepherd

What Students Say:
  • “If weren’t for CFL, I would still have no idea where my strengths lie.  Thanks to the program and people involved.  I know the direction God has called me” — Amanda Shepherd.
  • “Being exposed to a wide variety of expertise through the various CFL coaches has given me insight on what I want to do and how I can use my strengths to succeed” — Ryan Havey.
  • “Most of my conversations with employers revolve around my experience on consulting projects.  Employers are always intrigued about the level of responsibility I have had and my experience working directly with owners and leaders of organizations because few college students have had the opportunities that I have received through CFL Consulting” — Michael Savage.
  • “Just wanted to…extend my utmost gratitude…for the consistent support, and all of the opportunities to work on various projects…. I am never without something to talk about during interviews!”  — Stephanie Emanuele.
  • “This project is helping solidify a foundation of knowledge and experience for my future career. Working with K&R has deepened my faith by witnessing the passion and love that Ed brings to his company.” — Zach Wormmeester.
  • “I have really enjoyed this experience. It’s really exciting to get the opportunity to actually work on real life projects and feel like our opinions matter and know that our ideas could be put into action in the future.” —Katie Carlson.
  • “Without [this CFL Consulting experience], my business experience would be non-existent!” — Brandon Tarallo.
  • “CFL Consulting has given me tools for life and business that most internships cannot offer. The great concept behind CFL Consulting is that the students run the organization but we also team and learn from business professionals.” — Maria Kotman.

Ryan, Diane, Jonathan at Johnson Portables

What Alums Say:
  • “CFL Consulting has been instrumental in my professional and personal growth process.  I wouldn’t be working for a consulting firm without those experiences” — Michael Savage.
  • “CFL Consulting taught me the confidence to speak and influence top business leaders by providing me the opportunity to analyze real challenges. I learned how to navigate through diverse organizations, present recommended solutions, and help implement new strategies. As an alum of CFL Consulting and working for a top Fortune 100 company, I use these same skills to uncover the root of a problem, present alternative perspectives, and influence daily decisions” — Stephanie (Skaff) Giles.
  • “CFL Consulting helped me develop into a leader at a young age. CFL Consulting taught me to be a self-driven leader that looks for and finds opportunities to solve problems within an organization. In addition, CFL Consulting taught me how to manage a project from start to finish and ensure I deliver value to the client.  Most importantly, it allowed me to connect with and learn from a vast network of experts which helped develop me personally and professionally. I cannot thank the CFL Consulting team enough for providing me an experience that helped launch my career and prepare me for the years to come” — Jacob Rollenhagen.
  • “When people ask me how I got started in my career in healthcare quality & administration, I mention my independent study that you helped guide me through in nursing management.  You helped me shadow and compare/contrast the roles of two ED RN Managers at Spectrum & Holland Hospital, and learn basic management principles. I tell them I had the opportunity to explore management before I ever started my clinical nursing, and knew that was the track for me” — Sarah Charles.
  • “I recently spoke at a national veterinary conference about millennials in today’s work place and, as is customary when speaking on this topic, fielded questions and complaints from employers about millennials being lazy, entitled, and unprepared for the rigors of a “real” job. Out of pity, after giving our generation such a hard time, they asked why I didn’t fit the typical millennial stereotype. I responded that while colleges, such as Hope, do a good job of laying an educational foundation, curriculum alone cannot teach the traits we need to be successful. To this day, I still heavily credit the independent study opportunities I received with Dr. VanderVeen for preparing participants with the confidence and hands-on experience to identify and capitalize on areas of need in the work place, take ownership of projects, collaborate with industry professionals and become a valuable leaders and team members” — Stith Keiser.




What Parents Say:
  • “Thanks again for all your guidance with Lindsay…. I still can’t believe how progressive and effective your [CFL Consulting] program is. I think the program really prepares people like Lindsay to really WOW job interviewers, such as she did at Dow” Lance Allward.
  • “We could not have hoped for a greater answer to prayer — that our son would have been spotted by a great teacher who would see his potential”  — CFL Consulting Parent.

CFL SHI dream team

What Clients Say:
  • “Early indicators have demonstrated that the collaboration has been a success. Students have expressed a deep appreciation for the opportunity to interact with clinical staff and put a patient’s face to their project. Ideas have come to life in an iterative fashion using the business model canvas as a guide, with customer/clinical staff validation providing all important feedback into the intelligent design of promising inventions. All-in-all, a great first step towards launching startups that may impact the lives of patients” — Brent Mulder, Senior Director, Spectrum Health Innovations.
  • “Ditto has already benefited from fresh insight into our business from the team at Hope College.  We are looking forward to continued collaboration with the Center for Faithful Leadership in the years ahead” — Kurt Dykema, Board Chair, Ditto Upscale Resale
  • “We had a wonderful experience working with the team from the Center for Faithful Leadership.  From the first exploratory meeting to final review of findings, the team did an excellent job of leading our organization through this process.  I highly recommend this as a viable option for organizations who want to not only receive a service but to also have the opportunity to support student leaders!” — Lisa Mathews, Love, INC Director, SE Ottawa County.
  • “It was a pleasure to work with the CFL Consulting Team. They brought a fresh perspective and insight to our research. Their findings have informed our understanding of the market and product development criteria. They also used their Hope College connections to access research participants” — Doug Bazuin,  Research Lead,  Insight + Exploration, Herman Miller.
  • “The professionalism of CFL Consulting was outstanding”  — John Johnston, Board Member, Community Action House.
  • “The students approached our problem with fresh eyes and a ‘can do’ attitude.  The seasoned professionals with proven track records who guided the students resulted in superior results” — Scott Waller, Director, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services.
  • “The CFL Consultants were very professional and genuine in their approach and concise delivery which is important in today’s environment” — Ed Reitman, Owner and President, K&R Trucks.
  • “I wish we could have had more time.  It was so much fun!” — Tim VandeBunte, Owner, VandeBunte Eggs.
  • “We are very pleased with the work that was performed.  We are especially thankful to the team for going above and beyond in gathering data from web surveys in addition to in-person surveys” — Kevin Virta, VP Business Development, SpinDance.

Consulting AcademE Sept

What Employers Say:

  • “I have recruited all over the United States and I can honestly say the students at Hope that I interviewed and hired are second to none!  The Center’s students’ integrity, ethics and moral compass align with the Dow’s long standing philosophies and attitudes that attract the top performers in the industry”  — Keith A. Potter, Account Executive, The Dow Chemical Company.
  • “Hope College has created a great environment…, attracting and developing students for the real world. The emphasis on servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and the awareness of giving back to our local communities is what I believe stands out the most…. It is these types qualities combined with  a personal touch…that makes Hope students a great fit with our company” — Pat Dawson, Senior Vice President, The Dow Chemical Company.

Herman Miller team

What We Offer Students:

  • Training via “boot camp” or LDRS 292.
  • Part-time employment on real projects with real clients (e.g., 70×7, Better Drinkig Culture, Colossian Forum, Community Action House, Compassionate Heart Ministry, CultureWorks, Ditto, EPICENTER book and leadership development program, GFS, Good Samaritan Center, Herman Miller, Herrick District Library, Holland Rescue Mission, Hope College, Invest-Credit (Moldova), Johnson Portables, K&R Trucks, Kandu, Lio Products, Marcus Automotive, MHR–Mixed Head Repair, Presbyterian Homes and Services, Ring Cam, Songs Against Slavery, Spectrum Heath Innovations, Technocoat, TPK-America, Trendway, Resthaven, etc.).
  • Coaching and Connections to help you discover and develop your gifts and enhance your problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic thinking skills; work with our coaches and mentors and work on a consulting team serving a for-profit or not-for-profit organization; see why clients and students choose CFL Consulting.
  • Experiences to talk about with employers (Amway, City Life Church, Dow, Gentex, Herman Miller, Hajoca, Morgan Stanley, Pathstone Partners, Peace Corps, Steelcase, Stryker, Target, etc) and graduate programs (Duke, MSU, Valparaiso, etc); more importantly, experiences in communicating, critical thinking, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and team-building and experiences to help you discern, develop, and deploy your gifts and calling.
  • The opportunity to accomplish something significant

2014 CFL Consulting Team Video

Ditto Team

What We Look for in Students:

  • A positive attitude
  • Passion for solving problems
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Good listener — the ability to have intellectual and emotional empathy with clients and team members
  • Strategic thinker
  • A strong work ethic and achievement orientation
  • Evidence of being a leader and follower as appropriate
  • Ability to express ideas
  • Desire to do the right thing and to do things right

These are some of the same characteristics employers look for.  They are shown through previous experience.

Look for announcements about CFL Consulting applications soon!

Questions?  Email: vanderveen@hope.edu

2013 cohort

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