Hey Mom, Hey Dad, I got a job (Dow is investing in me)!!

Over the last five years, Hope College students have been offered positions in Dow Chemical’s Commercial Development Program.  For six months they engage in training. After those six months they become Account Managers.

This year, out of only sixteen college graduates hired, two were from Hope College.  Over the last five years, Dow has hired at least one Hope student per year for its prestigious Program.  Of those six Hope College students, five (83%) are CFL alums.*  Estimating, 6% (5/80) of students hired by Dow for its prestigious training program were CFL students.  That may not sound like many students until you consider that Dow can hire college graduates from the most prestigious schools across the globe.  In that environment, it’s newsworthy when Dow hires one Hope graduate.  That is something to think about.

Why?  What is Dow looking for?

Dow says they are looking for people who:

  • Desire significant responsibility early in your career
  • Have the ability to develop your own strategy to achieve goals
  • Enjoy interacting with people in a wide range of roles
  • Create solutions for customers
  • Seek variety in your work activities
  • Possess excellent critical thinking and interpersonal skills

Why Does Dow Consider Hope Students?

“I have recruited all over the United States and I can honestly say the students at Hope that I interviewed and hired are second to none!  Hope students’ integrity, ethics and moral compass align with the Dow’s long standing philosophies and attitudes that attract the top performers in the industry” — Keith A. Potter, Account Executive, The Dow Chemical Company.

“Hope College has created a great environment…, attracting and developing students for the real world. The emphasis on servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and the awareness of giving back to our local communities is what I believe stands out the most…. It is these types qualities combined with  a personal touch…that makes Hope students a great fit with our company”  — Pat Dawson, Senior Vice President, The Dow Chemical Company.

How do we know CFL matters?

Lindsay Allward

Lindsay Allward was talking to her father, Lance, immediately before her interview at Dow Chemical.  As she entered the interview room she said “Goodbye” to her father but inadvertently left her cell phone on.  So Lance heard the entire interview!  That’s what prompted him to write:

“Thanks again for all your guidance with Lindsay…. I still can’t believe how progressive and effective your [CFL Consulting] program is. I think the program really prepares people like Lindsay to really WOW job interviewers, such as she did at Dow” — Lance Allward


**CFL Students hired by Dow: Lindsay Allward, Stephanie Skaff Giles, Wayne Titus, Lindsey Bieri, Erik Groothuis.  Other recent employers of our students include: Amway, City Life Church, Dow, Gentex, Herman Miller, Hajoca, Morgan Stanley, Pathstone Partners, Peace Corps, Steelcase, Stryker, Target, etc and graduate programs such as Duke, MSU, Valparaiso, etc.


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