Fun and Inspiring Updates (CFL Incubator Students and Alums)


The Vision

Last fall the Epicenter team applied for a Great Commission Grant.  Last spring we awarded them $333 to see what they could do.

They did a lot!  Over the summer, the Epicenter team, led by Sayde Anderson, successfully built a website to showcase ministries and coordinate events.  To introduce the web site and ministries available to Hope students, they created and hosted an event for first-year students that included representatives from the campus ministries.  The team also used the website to highlight area churches.  Has it worked?  So far, the site has received 2000 hits.  See the Epicenter’s web page on the Campus Ministries home page.

fall 2014

For the remainder of the year, the Epicenter team hopes to host more events, record video testimonies that reflect how students see God at work,  and post the videos on the Epicenter website.

Paul Boersma

Special thanks to Paul Boersma, Senior Chaplain, for mentoring the Epicenter team!


Fathom is Matt Gira’s next start-up project.  You remember Matt, a Chemistry major and founder of Lioproducts and JamJar, the decorative mason jar speaker.  In addition to expanding his Lioproducts product line, Matt is launching a new venture with friends.  Their first product is Fathom

Fathom is the user-friendly underwater drone. Fathom is controlled through an app on a phone, tablet, or computer. From the app, a user can take photo and video, control Fathom, and explore the great unknowns in the seas without any heavy technical equipment. Embrace the deep”  (As seen on I-Start).

The team is entering pitch competitions at Hope (sponsored by the CFL Incubator) and then across the state.

You’ll want to see these videos:


By far the most famous team to emerge from CFL Incubator is the RingCam team, now working out of their manufacturing, marketing, and operations headquarters in Holland, MI.  Sam is joined by Scott Brandonisio, Russell Fyfe, Scott Bahash, and Elliot Barney.  Sam, Scott, and Russell are alums of Hope College and the CFL Incubator.

Sam finished his first year of graduate school at the University of Michigan in Hospital Administration.  He is employed as an intern at the Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor.  Sam credits his admission to UM to working with Scott (below) in attempting to bring a medical device (Vital Sleep Band) to market.  For RingCam, Sam focuses on marketing and customer relations.

Scott is employed by Disher Design in Zeeland.  In fact one summer owner Jeff Disher graciously allowed Scott to split his time as a intern for Disher and a participant of the CFL Incubator!  For RingCam, Scott handles legal, accounting, and supplier questions.

Russell works part-time selling phones.  He is also working for Sam to develop an app to help patients at Mott Children’s hospital track medications.  At RingCam, Russell focuses on web and social media communications.

Personal confession:  Sam, Scott, and Russell taught me as much or more than I taught them — and they are still teaching me as they continue to learn and grow.  It’s gratifying to see them mentoring students on Hope’s campus.  I hope, in turn, we can do a CFL Consulting project for their company soon!

Scott and Sam T

Russell and Sam

About the Center for Faithful Leadership

Life in college matters for life after college.

According to a Gallup/Purdue University study based on 29,560 respondents, we are 4.6x more likely to thrive in well-being* if we are engaged at work.  The right college experiences have a lot to do with this.

For example, the likelihood of people being engaged at work are:

  • 2.6x higher if their college prepared them for life after college
  • 2.4x higher if their college was passionate about the long-term success of its students
  • 2.0x higher if their college had at least one professor who got them excited about learning
  • 2.0x higher if they had an internship or job that gave them the opportunity to apply what they were learning outside of the classroom
  • 1.9x higher if their professors cared about them as people
  • 1.8x higher if students worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete
  • 1.4x higher if students were extremely involved in extra-curricular activities and organizations while in college.

(* = “finding fulfillment in daily work and interactions, having strong social relationships and access to the resources people need, feeling financially secure, being physically healthy, and taking part in a true community”)

Such findings reflect the why, how, and what of CFL:

Spring 2014 JoshWe don’t teach leadership.

We launch students by co-creating work experiences.  That matter.

That matter.

Our “Why?” is to help students discern their calling because we believe work is a gift of God and an opportunity to address the world’s brokenness.  We help students:


Our “How?” is uniquely combining action learning with coaching and mentoring  focused on knowing as we are known and students’ long-term fulfillment and well-being.

Gospelseed Clara and Jessica Lloyd and JohnWork experiences.

Our “What?” is CFL-sponsored consulting and entrepreneurship incubator programs:

From 1% to 10%.

To God be the glory!


Co-creating work experiences.  That matter.

41 Graves Place, VanZoeren Hall 182

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