CFL Consulting Clients and Students (Spring 2014)

CFL Consulting specializes in quality projects focused on ideation and validation and student leadership development.  Our mission to to help students discern the strengths and calling, prepare for work, and transition from college.  Thanks to our project leaders, students, subject matter experts, and clients for helping us live our purpose!


PCHAS Brochure

“We [Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services of Texas and Louisiana] had a problem and our entire foster care industry had a problem — the inability to recruit and retain enough quality foster parents to care for growing numbers of abused and neglected children.  We approached Hope College’s Center for Faithful Leadership to see if they might assist with coming up with a solution. The results of their quality research and practical application far, far exceeded our expectations. Creative problem solving is not easy, especially when you are too close to an issue. The students engaged in the project approached our problem with fresh eyes and a ‘can do’ attitude. Seasoned professionals, with proven track records, guided the students at every step and facilitated superior results. The quality of the final product–a unique church-based foster care model called my faith FAMILY–was above and beyond our financial investment. We will reap significant returns for years to come. Their response to our problem has the potential to significantly impact our entire industry and has given us a leading edge.”  — Scott Waller, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

CMH Brochure

“Community Action House engaged with the CFL Consulting Team to look at how we could better tackle poverty in our community and if we really want to see an end to poverty, what’s the best approach?  The Team led us on a journey we never imagined and took us to the source of the problem which was how do we educate and train our children to not end up in poverty and be better financial planners. With the mantra “it’s better to build a child right than repair a broken adult” the team developed a curriculum that could easily be integrated into the classroom, would fit the teachers teaching objectives and also be something the children would be excited to engage with.  The lesson plans involved interactive activities and real life experiences that allowed the children to grasp the reality of what they were learning.The professionalism of the CFL Consulting Team students was outstanding.  Their insights and commitment to learn and understand the problem gave us great confidence and their final product was something of the highest level.” — John Johnston, Community Action House

K&R Brochure

“A heartfelt thanks to Katie Carlson and Zach Wormmeester for their hard work and dedication to the Integrated Marketing Plan they developed for K&R Truck Sales.  Katie and Zach were very professional and genuine in their approach and concise in their delivery which is important in today’s environment. We are looking forward to implementing the idea’s they suggested. We wish them the best as they go forth and conquer.”  — Ed Rietman, K&R Trucks

Herman Miller Brochure

“It was a pleasure to work with the CFL Consulting Team. They brought a fresh perspective and insight to [Herman Miller’s] research. Their findings have informed our understanding of the market and product development criteria. They also used their Hope College connections to access research participants.” — Doug Bazuin, Herman Miller

In addition to the clients listed above, we are currently working with:

Sophie Laurel Virgil

  • Colossians Forum
  • Ditto

EPIC Project (2)

  • EPICENTER — the book
  • Holland Rescue Mission

Liz Ryan Brenda

  • Hope College

Konos Seth Layman

  • Konos/VandeBunte Eggs
  • MHR — Mix Head Repair
  • Orange Leaf


  • Spectrum Health Innovations

Jonathon, Raechel, and Sasha

  • SpinDance


  • TechnoCoat

Visual Aids for India Project Team

  • Visual Aids




Project Leaders

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