CFL Incubator Update, May 2015

A few of many stories…

Mark DykemaIn my time at Hope, the first student who entered a pitch competition was…Mr. Biggby Coffee of Holland, Mark Dykema.  We like to think we gave him his sense of creativity, hard work, initiative, intelligence, persistence, sense of humor, and style!!

CFL Incubator alum Matt Rutter co-founded a non-profit in Moldova: Kingdom Paradigm.  Learn more about Matt’s journey here.

Matt Rutter

CFL Incubator alum Kylen Blom co-develops Coast3 (see video) and just introduced TulipShirts:

TulipSlider_blowsCFL Incubator alums Scott Brandonisio, Russell Fyfe, and Sam Tzou and the Ring Cam team moved their world headquarters from their house into the Maple Building on the corner of 13th Street and Maple Avenue, Holland.  Congratulations!!

Ring Cam World HeadquartersRing Cam's new headquartersPartial Ring Cam TeamCFL Incubator alum Grace Theisen and co-founder Lauren Lancaster are moving Songs Again Slavery to Nashville, Tennessee.  See video here.  Congrats to you too!

grace theisenRecent CFL Incubator grad Evelyn Ritter is working with Dr. Peter Boumgarden (MGMT) and Dr. Graham Peasley (Chem) to commercialize a test for PerFlourinated Compounds (PFCs), supported by seed money from a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) grant.

Here is what some of our current HEI Awardees are working on:

CFL Incubator students Matt Gira and John Boss are working with GR Current.

Fathom-SideFathom 3And Matt keeps selling JamJars by Lio.

Jam JarsCFL Incubator students Margo Apostoleris and Matt Gira are spending two months at Yale University’s YEI thanks to Hope alum Jon Soderstrom.

logo_yeiAnd Margo keeps working on PTPro.


CFL Incubator student Mark Engels is working on a diamond-related business.

CFL Incubator students Delaney Ryde and Haley Menzies are working on WOW (Wellness on Wheels), a mobile experiential learning deli they will pilot in food desserts this summer.

CFL Incubator student Ryan Johnson is working on AppleJuice, a recharging device idea.

CFL Incubator student Sophie Guetzko keeps plugging away on WindChime.

CFL Incubator student Stu Fraser is back in town working on the visual aids for India project, now called GeKo in honor of Gene Koning, who brought us the idea; Stu is also working on a business called Stutech.

Visual Aids for India Project TeamCFL Incubator student Kelsie Nyhuis is launching Pop-Up Petals.

Pop-Up Petals CFL Incubator student Marc Boersma and his co-founder Alec Breit have launched Boat Boys LLC!   If you are in the Muskegon or Grand Haven, Michigan area and need your boat washed, call: 732-820-0244.

Boat Boys logo

Boat Boys

CFL Incubator student Adam VanderPloeg is testing a business idea called Gentoro Clothing with Ryan Havey and Hope alum Chip George, founder of Comfort Research as well as his own idea: Pared People.

CFL Incubator student Jessica Granger and alum Macall Smith keep Tizzying!

what's your tizzyCFL Incubator student Matt Wright is a Tulip Time celebrity because of his Petalcab business.  Read about it here and here.

Dutchpetalcab webCFL Incubator student Ethan Zimmerman is working on a non-profit called First Steps in Sports.

First step in sports

There are still more CFL Incubator stories to share.

The best part, as with CFL Consulting, is that alums are helping current CFL students in the program.  Yeah!

For an update on CFL Consulting, click here.

To learn more about CFL, click here.

To God be the glory!

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