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A resource for Hope students, clients, & employers; dual role: developing leaders and doing great work for clients!

Sophie Laurel Virgil


“I can’t get a quality internship or job without relevant experience, and I can’t get relevant experience without a quality internship or job.”

Want experiences that matter — work that will help you discern your gifts and calling, get the experience you need to prepare for an internship or job, and transition from college?

Here’s what we offer:

Part-time employment on real projects with real clients (e.g., Community Action House, EPICENTER book and leadership development program, Herman Miller, Holland Rescue Mission, Hope College, K&R Trucks, Kandu, Marcus Automotive, Presbyterian Homes and Services, Spectrum Heath Innovations, Techno-Coat, Resthaven, etc.)

Coaching to help you discover and develop your gifts and enhance your problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic thinking skills; work with our coaches and mentors and work on a consulting team serving a for-profit or not-for-profit organization

Mentoring to help you discern your values and calling

Training via LDRS 292 and Consulting AcademE

Experiences to talk about with employers (Amway, City Life Church, Dow, Gentex, Herman Miller, Hajoca, Morgan Stanley, Pathstone Partners, Peace Corps, Steelcase, Stryker, Target, etc) and graduate programs (Duke, MSU, Valparaiso, etc)

2015: CFL Consulting LDRS 292 Recruiting Video

2014 CFL Consulting Team Video

CFL Consulting is a Three-Level Program

Level 1: Consulting can cover a wide range of experiences and for-profit and not-for-profit businesses; thus it offers an excellent venue for testing gifts.  Our opportunities, then, are limited only by the people and clients we have.  Students exploring consulting from a Christian perspective are encouraged to enroll in LDRS 291: Becoming an Influential Leader and required to enroll in LDRS 292: The Trusted Adviser or a “proxy” course such as MGMT 395: The Trusted Leader (or MGMT 331: Introduction to Marketing or some other class that involves significant consulting work) if they desire to become paid consultants in our program.

Level 2: Passionate and productive students are chosen to be part of CFL Consulting: to be coached and mentored and employed while working on significant and meaningful projects, including our new Digital Marketing Managed Intern Program (DMMIP).  To apply, please send a resume and a link to your Linked In profile to Steve VanderVeen, Director, Center for Faithful Leadership via email:

Level 3: Alums give back in a variety of ways: as subject matter experts, project coaches, even donors!

Here’s what we look for in students:

A positive attitude

Experience in project work

Passion for solving problems

A strong work ethic

Evidence of being a leader and follower as appropriate

Good communicator — able to have intellectual and emotional empathy with clients

Good listener

Strategic thinker

Here’s What Students Say:

“CFL Consulting has given me tools for life and business that most internships cannot offer. The great concept behind CFL Consulting is that the students run the organization but we also team and learn from business professionals.” — Maria Kotman

“CFL Consulting has given me real world experience. Six months ago, I never imagined I would be contracting to create a communication system for a collaborative food pantry network. Not only do I get real world experience, but I’m helping those in need receive food more effectively and efficiently.” — Jacob Rollenhagen

“This project is helping solidify a foundation of knowledge and experience for my future career. Working with K&R has deepened my faith by witnessing the passion and love that Ed brings to his company.” — Zach Wormmeester

“I have really enjoyed this experience. It’s really exciting to get the opportunity to actually work on real life projects and feel like our opinions matter and know that our ideas could be put into action in the future.” –Katie Carlson

2013 cohort


CFL Consulting specializes in Strategy Consulting for in early stage companies, ideas, and organizations.

Consulting AcademE #1 Jan 20 2015

What CFL Consulting offers clients:

Fresh perspectives from selected students from multiple disciplines

Seasoned professionals with proven track records who serve clients indirectly through students as project coaches and subject matter experts (“Students lead, we coach”)

A collaborative process that seeks to uncover and apply the best of everyone

Competitive pricing

The opportunity to be impacted by and to impact the next generation of leaders

Creative, Passionate Students + Wise Practitioner Coaches and Mentors + Experienced Subject Matter Experts + Collaborative Process = Strategic Insights

Click here for taxonomy of CFL Consulting projects

 Sample Projects with Non-Profit Clients:

Customer Discovery and Validation: Exploring the Potential of Health Care Innovations

Church-based Foster Care Model: Reaching the Orphan Next Door

Financial Literacy Program for Children: Payday Practice

Retail Store Relocation: Increasing the Capacity to do Good

Safety Net for Chronically Homeless: Bridging the Gap

Throughput Study: Measuring Food Service Efficiency


Sample Projects with For-Profit Clients:

Data Sources and Market Sizing (Phase 1); New Product Design Feedback (Phases 2-4): Furnishing Tomorrow’s Healthcare

Digital Marketing Audit: Leveraging Communication Platforms

Industry and Market Analysis: Finding New Customers

Integrated Strategic Plan: Intelligent Marketing

Operations Management Analysis: Increasing Efficiency

New Product Testing: Creating Tomorrow’s Jobs

Herman Miller Student Consulting team

CFL Consulting Project Leaders:

Virgil Gulker

Jim Cnossen

Rebecca Currey

Tim Haines

Jeremy Latchaw

Sam Tzou

Mike Valz

Brenda VanderMeulen

Steve Wells

A Brief History: In Honor of Jim and Virgil

What Clients Say:

“Darryl [Bartlett, Executive Director, Holland Rescue Mission] and I have both been so pleased and blessed to see how the students have taken ownership of the problem of the Gap Population. We were impressed with all the hard work that was done, and with just how far things have come.” — Janet Ewing, Rock Urban Youth and Family Hope Ministries Director, Holland Rescue Mission

“It was a pleasure to work with the CFL Consulting Team. They brought a fresh perspective and insight to our research. Their findings have informed our understanding of the market and product development criteria. They also used their Hope College connections to access research participants.” — Doug Bazuin,  Research Lead,  Insight + Exploration, Herman Miller 

Herman Miller team


We develop leaders, maybe even your boss!

What Employers Say:

“I have recruited all over the United States and I can honestly say the students at Hope that I interviewed and hired are second to none!  The Center’s students’ integrity, ethics and moral compass align with the Dow’s long standing philosophies and attitudes that attract the top performers in the industry.”  — Keith A. Potter, Account Executive, The Dow Chemical Company

“Hope College has created a great environment…, attracting and developing students for the real world. The emphasis on servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and the awareness of giving back to our local communities is what I believe stands out the most…. It is these types qualities combined with  a personal touch…that makes Hope students a great fit with our company.” — Pat Dawson, Senior Vice President, The Dow Chemical Company

To find top-notch employees, search on Linked In for “CFL Consulting at Hope College.”

Click here to learn more about the Center for Faithful Leadership.

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