Books Entrepreneurial Students Find Interesting

Daniel Goleman; Shawn Achor: Emotionally Intelligence More stats 17
Steve Blank: Four Steps to the Epiphany More stats 15
Brooks: Adam I and Adam II More stats 12
John Ortberg: The Life You’ve Always Wanted More stats 10
Donald Miller: Integrity in Relationships More stats 8
Jeff DeGraff and Katherine Lawrence: How To Put Creativity To Work More stats 8
Goosen and Stevens: A Christian View of Entrepreneurial Leadership? More stats 8
John Ortberg: Getting Out of the Boat More stats 8
Michael Ellsberg: Best Quotes from The Education of Millionaires More stats 8
John Ortberg: All The Places To God…How Will You Know? More stats 6
Greg Smith: How To Find Out If Entrepreneurship Is For You More stats 6
Simon Sinek: Leadership is Human Biology? More stats 6
Parker Palmer: Let Your Life Speak More stats 6
Bill Hybels: Holy Discontent More stats 6
Kerry Patterson et al: How Can We Get The Power To Change Anything? More stats 5
Andy Stanley: How To Visioneer More stats 5
Peter Drucker: The One Book on Management More stats 5
Brene Brown: Dare To Be Vulnerable More stats 5
Peter Theil: Zero to One More stats 4
Max DePree: Participative Leadership More stats 4
Adam Grant: How Nice Guys Finish Last…and First More stats 3
What is Positive Leadership? More stats 3
Ash Maurya: How To Run Lean More stats 3
Jim Collins: How To Go From Good To Great In The Social Sector More stats 3
Walter Isaacson on the Digital Revolution More stats 3
Happiness Leads To Success? More stats 3
Simon Sinek Says: Start With Why

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