And the Fall 2014 Idea Pitch Awardees Are…

Congratulations to all students who competed in CFL Incubator’s Fall 2014 Idea Pitch and Learn Competition!  According to the judges, the presentations this year were on average the highest quality to date.  That is a testament to the hard work and talent of the students.

And congratulations to Cara Johnson and Margo Apostoleris, Marc Boersma, and Raechel Kamphuis for their first place finishes in the CFL Incubator’s Fall 2014 Idea Pitch and Learn Competition!

A first this season: all awardees are sophomores.

Here are the categories, awardees, and judges:

App-oriented businesses

Awardees: Cara Johnson and Margo Apostoleris

Judges: Chris Jackson, Rick Wielopolski, Mike Valz, Stephanie Herder, Russell Fyfe

Fall 2014 Cara and Margo

Service-oriented businesses

Awardee: Marc Boersma

Judges (left to right): Sam Tzou, Steve Wells, Tracy Bolo, Jim Schoettle, Mari Wielopolski.

Fall 2014 Marc

Retail-oriented businesses

Awardee: Raechel Kamphuis

Judges: Ken VanDerWende, Jessica Daly, David Stavenger, Tracey Nally, David Engel

Fall 2014 Raechel

Thanks, too, to all the judges who participated and contributed in last week’s pre-pitch and learn competition: Haley Menzies, Tammy Hassevoort, Douglas Iverson, Rebecca Currey,  Scott Keith, Gwyneth Wortz, Taylor Foote, Ivy Keen, Seth Getz, Michael Savage, John Johnston, Bridget Stenger, Chris Jackson, Ziye Liu, Tracey Nally, Dave Engel, Logan Rock,  David Tapley, Martin Dugan, McKenna Bland, Lindsay Brown.

For those seeking further assistance with the start-up ideas, please consider attending the open sessions of Start-Up AcademE on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 3 PM to 5 PM, in the Idea Lounge, VanZoeren 182.  Click here to see Facebook page.

To God be the glory!

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