20-20 project

2020 Spring 2016

Mary Ellen Kettlehut is empowering students through their 20/20 Project, guiding students to guide others in discerning, developing, and deploying their gifts and calling.

We train student leaders who recruit and engage their peers.

They ask students to share personal stories about when they are at their best — what strengths and virtues they displayed.  Then they ask the students to seek out people who know them to write about when they saw the students at their best.

The students then construct visual self portraits about what they learned.

And we ask student how they might continue to build on and incorporate into their daily activities what they do best.

In short, we take Robert Quinn’s thoughts on “Moments of Greatness” and Reflected Best Self™  and David Brooks’ thoughts seriously: we help students discover their strengths and integrate their “resume” and “eulogy virtues.”

Road to Character


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