Created to Work and to do Good Works

Life and work are intimately connected.

“The odds of thriving in all areas of well-being are 4.6x higher if [we are] engaged at work” (Gallup).

The odds of being engaged at work are…

  • 2.6x higher if college prepared students well for life outside of college
  • 2.4x higher if the institution was passionate about the long-term success of its students
  • 2.2x higher if students had mentors who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams
  • 2.0x higher if at least one professor made them excited about learning
  • 1.9x higher if professors cared about students as people
  • 1.8x higher if students worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete  (Gallup)

Hope College understands this.  Hope “will engage every student in a holistically formative education, distinguished by its combination of academic rigor, intimate learning environment, and experiential relevance, developed and delivered by nationally-recognized teacher-scholars” (Hope College Strategic Plan Goals, 2015).

Boot Campers Fall 2014)

Thus CFL is a resource for all Hope students (regardless of major), complementing Hope’s academic program.  It is focused on educating for life and work.  CFL’s mission is to help students discern their gifts and calling, prepare for work, and transition from college.

One-page b-plan authors

That Matter

Our “Why?” is to help students discern their callingWork is a gift of God and an opportunity to address brokenness and seek shalom.  That means we must understand how our gifts might best be used now and in the future.  We are successful when our students holistically flourish.  Therefore, we seek to help students:



Our “How?” is that we invest in students.  We uniquely combining action learning with coaching and mentoring focused on knowing as we are known and students’ long-term fulfillment and well-being.  We believe in education that is holistic.

mentors and mentees2

Work Experiences

We do not sponsor an academic major or minor.  But we are a resource for all Hope College students regardless of major or minor.   As such, our “What?” is CFL-sponsored consulting and incubator programs.  We invest in students so that others may invest in them as employees or entrepreneurs.

CFLs Golden Circle 3

A Resource

CFL is a resource for all Hope students (regardless of major), complementing Hope’s academic program.  It invests in students primarily but engages other individuals, teams, and organizations.  Together we co-create work experiences that matter to help discover and validate our ideas, gifts and calling!

Run with us!

To God be the glory!


Investing in students.

Co-creating work experiences.  That matter.

41 Graves Place, VanZoeren Hall 182
Experiences That Matter


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