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Thank You For The Best 10-Year Party Ever!

God blesses us through people.  He blesses us when we empower others to discern, develop, and deploy their gifts and calling.

Here are just SOME* of the people, staff and practitioners and former students — the CFL Tribe— who empowered the Center for Faithful Leadership over the last 10 years.

We had a blast!



Thank You, Sarah!*


Thanks to Jim and Virgil


Thanks to Tim for inspiring me and for making the “Hope Does” story possible.

The “Hope Does” Story. Because Love Does.


Thanks to Paul for mentoring me and introducing me to Robert Quinn and Positive Organization Scholarship.


Thanks to Mark for sending me terrific leadership books!

Great Books On Faithful Entrepreneurial Leadership


Thanks to Tracy for “swooping in” and saving the day.  On many days.


Thanks to Amanda and Becca for letting me interfere in their lives and for praying for me.


Thanks to Russell, Scott, and Sam for teaching me about start-ups.

RingCam “Creates Customers” (i.e., Begins to Scale)


Thanks to Tracey, Jim, Alfredo, and Tim (the Hope Team) for supporting me.


Thanks to Peter for teaching me.


Thanks to Seth for co-coaching with me.


Thanks to Marty, John, Todd, Jim, and the Economics and Management Department for embracing me.


Thanks to Abbey and John for personally coaching me.


Thanks to Virgil, Doug, Milly, Mary Ellen, Laurie, Jim, and Cheryl for befriending me.



Thanks to Sam, Joe, Scott, Kylen, Tracy, and Russell for keeping me young at heart and in mind.



Thanks to Tim for patiently creating a CFL social media team with me.


Thanks to Jim for selling CFL for me.


Thanks to Brian for visiting with my students.

Jim Bultman

Thanks to Jim Bultman who, as president, created CFL.

Thanks to Jim Boelkins who, as provost, hired me as CFL Director!

Celebrating Servant Leader Jim Boelkins

Phil MillerNancyMiller

Thanks to Phil for working with me and Nancy who, as dean, hired me as Professor of Management 12 year ago and encouraged me to pursue experiential learning opportunities.

Stacy Jackson

Andy McCoyo

Thanks to Stacy Jackson and Andy McCoy for their faithful friendship and support, and to Economics and Business and the Center for Ministry Studies!


Krupczak John 2

Thanks, too, to Ryan McFall (Computer Science) and John Krupzcak (Engineering) as well.

Thanks to all the CFL Consulting Coaches, who put the students first!

The Real Reasons Why Clients and Students Choose CFL Consulting (Who are our Coaches?)

Thanks to our faithful donors, who literally bought into our mission.

Thanks to our readers, too!

Thanks for Reading! Top 26% of CFL Blog Posts Read


Jill smiling

Thanks especially to Jill, who married and stayed with me for 10 + 25 years!

What Made Me Cry:

Jim’s Kind Words

Amanda’s Kind Words

Sam’s Kind Words

Tim’s Kind Words

Keep Up The Good Work!


Long live CFL!

–Steve VanderVeen

The New Dream Team

Tim Schoonveld: CFL Academics

Schoonveld Tim

Doug Ruch: CFL Consulting

Doug Ruch

Mary Ellen Kettelhut: CFL Incubator

Mary Ellen Kettelhut

Sarah Kolean: Office/Operations Manager



*It is not possible for me to name all the people who have contributed to our 10-year Party.  But here is another sample of clients, mentors, pitch judges, students:


7×7 Results, Spring 2016

And the Fall 2014 Idea Pitch Awardees Are…

3×3, Spring 2016

7×7 Results

3×3 Results

Developing Leaders and Seeking to Make Healthcare More Effective and Affordable

Spring 2016 External CFL Consulting Clients

CFL Consulting Clients and Students

Thanks to our Leadership Minor Mentors

Milestones. Thank You!!

Books Entrepreneurial Students Find Interesting

Daniel Goleman; Shawn Achor: Emotionally Intelligence More stats 17
Steve Blank: Four Steps to the Epiphany More stats 15
Brooks: Adam I and Adam II More stats 12
John Ortberg: The Life You’ve Always Wanted More stats 10
Donald Miller: Integrity in Relationships More stats 8
Jeff DeGraff and Katherine Lawrence: How To Put Creativity To Work More stats 8
Goosen and Stevens: A Christian View of Entrepreneurial Leadership? More stats 8
John Ortberg: Getting Out of the Boat More stats 8
Michael Ellsberg: Best Quotes from The Education of Millionaires More stats 8
John Ortberg: All The Places To God…How Will You Know? More stats 6
Greg Smith: How To Find Out If Entrepreneurship Is For You More stats 6
Simon Sinek: Leadership is Human Biology? More stats 6
Parker Palmer: Let Your Life Speak More stats 6
Bill Hybels: Holy Discontent More stats 6
Kerry Patterson et al: How Can We Get The Power To Change Anything? More stats 5
Andy Stanley: How To Visioneer More stats 5
Peter Drucker: The One Book on Management More stats 5
Brene Brown: Dare To Be Vulnerable More stats 5
Peter Theil: Zero to One More stats 4
Max DePree: Participative Leadership More stats 4
Adam Grant: How Nice Guys Finish Last…and First More stats 3
What is Positive Leadership? More stats 3
Ash Maurya: How To Run Lean More stats 3
Jim Collins: How To Go From Good To Great In The Social Sector More stats 3
Walter Isaacson on the Digital Revolution More stats 3
Happiness Leads To Success? More stats 3
Simon Sinek Says: Start With Why

7×7 Results, Spring 2016

“This was the strongest competitive field to date!” (7×7 Investor Pitch and Learn Judge)

Judges 7x7 3

Thanks to our judges: Seth Getz, Jessica Daly, Ross VandeWege, Sophie Guetzko, Mary Ellen Kettlehut, Tim VandeBunte!

7x7 Judges 2


Congratulations to the following HEI 7×7 Investor Pitch and Learn teams:

3rd Place: TerrasTiger

Hannah Johnsen, Chase Merryman, Shanley Smith

TarrasTiger 7x7 2






TarrasTiger 7x7


2nd Place: Trojan  Biofiltration

Morgan Cinader, Winton Munch, Alexander Winter

Trojan 7x7 2

Trojan 7x7

1st Place: Not Your Mothers Laundry

Gabe Boss, Emma Conle, Dan Miller, Justin Pinto

Not Your Mother Laundry 7x7 2

Not Your Mothers Laundry 7x7


For more on HEI’s 7×7, click here.


Remember, in the long run, it’s not the idea but character that wins.

MWest Challenge Results

Six CFL Incubator teams pitched their business ideas at the MWest Challenge.

There 50 teams in the competition from Aquinas, Calvin, Cornerstone, Davenport, GRCC, Hope, KCAD, Kuyper.

Here are the results:

Morpheus at MWest

Impact Award: Morpheus Scheduling Software

Wheelchair Loading at MWest

Impact Award: Wheelchair Loader

Fathom Drone at MWest Spirit of Entr

Amway Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award: Fathom Underwater Drone.

GLADglobe at MWest

Hope students at MWest

SHI, GVSU, Hope at MWest

Special thanks to Spectrum Health Innovations and GVSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for their support!