By Dr. Bill Russner, Licensed Psychologist, CAPS Clinical Coordinator

During these extraordinary times that we are all experiencing, uncertainty, stress, and anxiety are likely familiar companions for many of us. While we can understand that these reactions are normal given the current circumstances, none of us enjoys feeling stressed and anxious, and we might often feel that there is nothing we can do to escape these unpleasant feelings.

Fortunately, there are mental health resources available to help us better understand and cope with anxiety and stress.  The Wellness Society has developed the Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook, which presents sound mental health principles and proven behavioral health techniques in an easy-to-read and understand self-help format. The workbook guides us through understanding the emotional, mental, and physical effects of living under chronic stress, and then provides an easy-to-follow structure for adding helpful coping strategies to our every day routines.

As with any self-help resource, to actually experience improvement it is critical to complete the exercises as directed in the workbook!

The workbook is copyright-free and available in PDF format.

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