Hope College Campus Safety is diligent about keeping you and the rest of the campus community safe and secure. However, your own safety should be your top priority as much as it is for our Campus Safety officers. In order to help ensure that, here are the top 7 campus safety tips for you.

  1. Avoid walking alone….especially in the dark!

When it comes to walking around campus, there is power in numbers. After a late night at the library or visiting friends, ask someone to walk with you or call Campus Safety to escort you.

  1. Ride the Campus Shuttle Van

Another way to avoid walking alone is to use the Evening Campus Shuttle Van. The shuttle circles campus every evening, with extended hours on the weekend, along a ten-minute route. Not only is it safe, warm, and fast, it is sure to have a stop and time convenient for you.

  1. Use the Code Blue Safety Phones

In various places throughout campus, there are Code Blue Safety Phones that call directly to Campus Safety in case you need assistance or are in an emergency situation. Be sure to push the button firmly to be directed to Campus Safety. Do not have any fear in pressing the button, even if you just need help jump-starting your car!

  1. Lock your car, take your keys, and hide your belongings!

An easy and highly effective way to prevent car burglary is to lock your car and to take all of your valuables with you. This helps to ensure that your vehicle is not an easy target. If you do have to leave valuables in your vehicle, keep them tucked safely out of sight.

  1. Don’t prop open doors or share your housing code.

It may seem convenient to prop open your door or share your code with a friend, but when you do that, you are putting your belongings, roommate/housemates, and yourself at risk. An open door is an invitation for people to lurk around. Keep what is meant to be private, private.

  1. If you see something, say something!

If you see something that looks out of the ordinary or suspicious, please call Campus Safety. Examples of this might include doors or windows left open that are usually closed, a suspicious person who may not be part of our college community or is asking students for information, an argument or disagreement between two people that continues to escalate, a person asking about our buildings and facilities beyond a casual interest, persons taking photographs or video that might not be for college use, etc. Even if you are slightly suspicious of someone or something, it is always best to play it safe and call Campus Safety. We are happy to respond to any concern you may have.

  1. Add Campus Safety as a contact in your phone.

Add the Campus Safety phone number as a contact in your phone – (616) 395-7770. Although you can always look it up, you never know when you may need to act quickly.

Even the best safety tips can’t prevent every emergency. If you are ever in doubt or need help, call Campus Safety at (616) 395-7770.

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