Internships with Jena Gasworth

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”- Albert Einstein

By the time a student graduates from Hope College they will have participated in some form of experiential learning opportunity. One way is through an internship! Here at the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career, Jena Gasworth works with students who are searching for these types of experiences.

Jena has answered 10 questions that Hope students typically have about internships:

1. What is your role at the new Boerigter Center for Calling and Career?

I work with all things related to internships. I meet with students who are seeking internships whether it is local, back home, or off-campus. I also work with internship faculty teaching internship courses and employers seeking interns.

2. What is your favorite part about working with internships

The internships I had while I was in college helped me discern what I wanted to do in higher education. I love helping students connect their interests to real world experiences.

3. About how many Hope students end up getting an internship?

Annually, we have about 300 Hope students who have an internship for credit. Hope’s Graduate Survey stated that as of 2017, 96% of students were involved in some kind of experiential experience such as an internship, DiscoverWork, student-faculty research, or off-campus study.

4. What resources should students take advantage of/focus on while searching for an internship?

Handshake is a great resource for looking for opportunities. “How-to” guides on our BCCC website are very helpful for resume and cover letter help which is essential for the internship process. Also, career fairs are good for networking with employers.

5. Which year is typical for students to get an internship? What is the timeline like?

Students can do an internship any year. Sophomore, junior, and senior year are most common because you need to have declared your major if you are seeking an internship for credit. Timeline-wise, there is a big push for summer internships starting in the fall. Some companies will wrap up all of their hiring up by Christmas. There is another big wave in the spring (Jan./Feb. for summer opportunities). Usually students should look a semester or two in advance for their internship.

6. Do I get credit for an internship?

It depends on the student’s declared major. They must take a course that is tied to their major, and their faculty supervisor must sign off on it. There is typically a four credit class where they meet outside of their internship. If the internship is over the summer, there is an online course that goes along with it.

7. If I do an internship that is not related to my major/career path, should I still put it on my resume?

Yes, absolutely! It is still experience that results in building transferable skills that can be taken with you to a job or another internship. Employers like seeing internship experience and the path that led you to apply at their business.

8. Are all internships unpaid?

It depends on the organization. I would say about half are unpaid.

9. What are the benefits of getting an internship local vs. in another state/country?

If a student does an internship through an off-campus study program like Chicago Semester or The Philadelphia Center, it is usually a full-time internship. On top of that it involves navigating a new city! Local internships are usually about 10-15 hours/week while juggling other classes and projects. Both give great working experiences.

10. Overall, do you have any advice for students about internships in general?

I advise students to apply for 20+ internships. Sometimes students get so fixated on one or two internships, and if they apply for more they have a better chance of getting one. Also, if you need any individual help the BCCC is here to help! If you put in the effort, it can open up more opportunities for job search and networking.

Sometimes, an internship can rule out something you do not want to do, and that is okay! Your attitude about it makes such a huge difference; what you put into the internship is what you get out of it.

The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career wants to help students in their search for internships. Students can use our readily available resources along the way. Come check out our new office on the first floor of DeWitt!

Cheers to the seniors

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

With finals week almost over, warmer weather settling in and summer plans almost commencing we want to wish everyone good luck and farewell!  We wanted to thank the Career Advisors who are graduating this May and early next fall, for all their hard work and we appreciate the time and effort you put into working at the Career Development Center.

These were their final words of advice to those who still have time here at Hope College:


"What I love most about the CDC is the staff's interest and dedication to giving each and every student's career the best preparation possible. If you walk through our doors, you will without question walk away more prepared and confident about your career. My advice to Hope students and alumni is to get started on career development as early as possible - get an internship your freshman year! Start your resume before you move in! Work on a four year plan with our office when you decide on a major! Our office sets you up for success; there's no reason not to start that early. Above all, follow your goals, not what sounds easy. If you do this, when you get to senior year you'll still be enjoying your classes; you'll be disappointed to be leaving Hope; you'll be excited about where you're going. Don't let anyone convince you to choose a track you aren't passionate about - this is a time of exploration and discovery -- use it!!"


"I love the CDC because everyone is willing to help you out, whether it be with a resume, interview advice or networking to get a job, and the staff always meets you where you're at. Looking at careers can be stressful, but Career Development provides resources that provide assistance and give confidence to all students.                I highly suggest getting an internship within your field of study. This hands on experience will help direct your path after college and will guide which direction in your field of study you wish to take. Come into Career Development in order to clean up your resume and cover letter so you are ready to apply when opportunities arise!"


The Career Development Center is the place I started working at even before my first day of freshman year at Hope. The staff here are incredible-- their passion for students and their success is next level. This office meets people right where they’re at on their career and life path. Go to every event they offer! If I could give one piece of advice: find the mentors, professors, coaches and leaders that are willing to journey with you and sharpen you to be better tomorrow than you are today. Find the resources and services through the CDC that launch you into your calling and career. No matter what your path looks like, remember that you are an amazing individual who has been created to bring something great into the world.


"The CDC was one of the first places I went as a Freshman at Hope. I transferred in and wanted to make sure that everything was in order for me to graduate on time. I loved how welcoming everyone was and the access they provided to alumni and jobs. I started working in the office my sophomore year, and I loved everything about it. We provide head shots for people, mock interview practice, and tons of networking experience. I love that everything is there for the students and every one at the CDC will go out of their way to make sure you can get whatever help you need. My career advice to any Hope students is to start early—it will make all the difference. Even if you don’t know what a resume or cover letter is, it is never too early to start trying to figure things out or start looking for an internship or job."
"Over the past four years I have had a lot of involvement at the Career Development Center whether that was as a student seeking help, or as a career advisor helping students. What I have learned to appreciate is the great people who work here that are willing to go the extra mile to help you with a variety of subjects. Particularly I appreciate all the events the CDC hosts to bring alumni and recruiters on campus, so we as students can network and further our contacts for future job opportunities.  My advice to students is to take full advantage of the opportunities that CDC offers as early as you can in your college career."


"In my time at Hope, I have been so empowered by the work that is taking place here on campus, especially in the Career Development Center. In all transparency, I have changed my career path so many times. While this could potentially cause stress for a student, I felt both welcomed and supported in exploring all the things I was passionate about. As a freshman, I really utilized the Career Development Centers resources and figured out where I needed to be while at Hope. Because I loved the work and the full-time staff at the CDC so much, I was lucky enough to become a student employee and be apart of the mission to serve students in their vocational journey. What I love most about the Career Development Center is the way it really focuses on the student. The career counselors invest so much in the needs of every student to make sure they are equipped for Hope and beyond. Working at the CDC has also shown me how genuine this focus on the student is. As a staff, they pour into us to be able to pour into the students we get to work with. It has been such an incredible part of my time at Hope. A piece of advice I would give any student at Hope is just to take advantage of the resources here on campus. Not only the Career Development Center, but all of the other incredible offices that work on behalf of the student body. There are so many kind, helpful, and intelligent people waiting with their arms wide open to help. Never miss an opportunity because you're unsure or uncomfortable- be brave and remember that the faculty and staff are here for YOU! If it wasn't for my time with the Career Development Center, I'm not sure I would've ever understood this for myself. These four years are yours for the taking! Make the most of them and prepare yourself well for what comes next."

The Career Development Center would like to wish all the graduating seniors (and those graduating early next fall) good luck with all their future plans! You have all been great to work with and we will all miss you in the coming years.


College to Career


Image result for it takes courage to become who you really are

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. Confucius
If you are a senior and are about to go into the real world, going to this event will be another step towards ‘adulting’.  The event is open to all students and it will cover topics ranging from financial planning to new hire advice. We strongly encourage you to come.
During the event there will be range of speakers who will be covering different topics. The topics will include financial competency, employee benefits, managing personal finances, and new-hire advice.  The panelists will be Stephanie Forest, Lori Mulder, Luke Panning and Samuel Tzou.

If you are a student who has received a loan as financial aid, this will be a very informative and helpful event to come to. Stephanie Forest from the Financial Aid Office at Hope College will be covering all the loans that are available to students. She will talk about what you need to know about the type of loan you may have, questions like “What is the grace period?” or “What happens when you can’t pay?” will be covered during this time. You will also hear her talk about graduation.

 Luke Panning a Financial Advisor from Edward Jones. If you are anything like me and cannot budget or save, then this part of the event will be crucial to you. He will talk about personal finances, covering topics such as budgeting, being prepared for emergencies and paying back student loans which will beneficial to a lot of students. This is one of those things that you need to try and strive to be good at and diligent about.

After graduation a lot of students take different paths. Some of you may be taking a gap year to travel, going to grad school and some of you will be looking for your first or already have that lined up. Lori Mulder from Human Resources at Hope College, will be covering the value of employee benefits. If you see yourself being employed in your future, this is beneficial to come to because we all know how important health insurance is. You will leave with a better understanding of the types of Health Insurance benefits that are available out there and the benefits you can also receive after you are retired.

Samuel Tzo is a recent Hope Grad and is the CEO of Ring Cam. He will be giving advice on networking which is very important to do, and could be one way to get your foot into the door of a company. He will also be giving advice on being a new hire and ways to increase your success. Touching on how you can find housing, because your new job may not be anywhere near any family or friends.

Come to College to Career on April 19th, 2017. The event will be held at Winants Auditorium, Graves Hall from 6:00pm-7:30pm. We encourage you to come and hope you benefit from this event.