“It takes community to maintain a human.”                     –Earon Davis

There are a lot of negative connotations that can be associated with members of Greek life. A lot of people assume that being part of a sorority or fraternity means that all you do is party, have a low GPA, and that it does not help you after college. However, what people do not realize is that a lot of this is not true. They are a lot of positives and learning opportunities that come with being part of Greek life organization.


  1. Networking
  • Joining a Greek organization requires you to network a lot  (what is even more important is to make a lasting impression)
  • The skills that you use to connect with your peers during Rush are skills that are transferable to impressing a future employer for a job or internship.
  • Once you are an active in a Greek organization you have made connections with brothers or sisters which may be beneficial to you in the future.
  1. Organization and time management
  • Being a part of Greek life means that you must fulfill various duties and responsibilities.
  • Being able to juggle your school work, attending events within your organization, having a social life, working and still managing to get a decent amount of sleep is not an easy thing to do. Managing to do this, will build on your organization and time management skills.
  1. Team work
  • Sororities and fraternities have events that they organize and participate in. This involves a lot planning and coordinating with each member of the sorority or fraternity. This also allows you to learn to work within a team, which is an extremely helpful skill to have.
  1. Leadership 
  • There are different leadership roles within a Greek organization. If you get one of these roles you have the opportunity to build your skill set and learn the dynamics of your leadership style.
  1. Communication
    • There are a number of meetings and events Greek organizations have. To make this work there has to be a lot of effective communication within the organization.
    • Being able to effectively communicate and having your ideas and messages understood is essential not only to your work life but your personal life.
  2. Conflict management
    • Members of Greek life have to learn to deal with conflict within the organizaton. It teaches indiviudals to work together towards a common goal even if members do not always see eye to eye.
  3. Philanthropy
  • One of the most important aspects of Greek life is giving back to the community.
  • Every member within an organization must meet a required amount of hours of community service per semester. This should hopefully instill a sense of selflessness, (which I believe is a great thing).


Being part of a sorority and fraternity gives members a chance to polish and perfect their skills that transfer into many aspects of life. One of the most important aspects for me is that it provides a strong support system, which I believe is essential for a human being to survive and thrive. Greek life has a lot of positives and I hope after this read you see that too!




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