Get to know Megan Scheldt!

Megan Scheldt is the Career Counselor – Networking at the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career and she is going into her 4th academic year at Hope College. Megan has answered 10 questions to let us get to know a little more about her:

1. What is your role at the new Boerigter Center for Calling and Career?

I am the Career Counselor-Networking. For first and second year students, that means meeting with me to explore what they want to do with their major as well as getting connected to job shadowing opportunities. For upperclassmen, that could mean meeting with me to get alumni connections in a specific field to use for the future. I also oversee the DiscoverWork program and  Career Advisor team in the BCCC.

2. What is your favorite part about your hometown?

My hometown is Westminster, Maryland which is about an hour from Baltimore. Nothing beats Maryland Blue Crabs and the beautiful landscapes. Maryland is called “mini America” because there are beaches, mountains, and plains all in one state.

3. Where would you choose to live: by the ocean, in the mountains, or in the woods?

Mountains – my husband and I honeymooned in Estes Park, Colorado and we loved Rocky Mountain National Park!

4. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would have dinner with Eleanor Roosevelt. I think that for the time period in which she was living she was a true advocate for many populations of people. She was not afraid to be a risk taker and I like that about her. My favorite quote by Eleanor: “No one can make you feel inferior but yourself.”

5. What is your favorite sport to watch?

Lacrosse! I am also the assistant women’s lacrosse coach here at Hope and I played in college. I started and have worked with multiple programs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

6. If you were in a talent show, what skill would you perform?

I like to think that I am funny, so maybe a comedy act! 

7. What is your favorite thing to cook?

Whatever HelloFresh sends me that week! To be honest I’m not a cook, though my father-in-law is a professional chef. 

8. Who was your childhood singer/actor crush?

The Hanson Brothers.

9. If you won $100,000 what would you spend the money on?

I currently live in an apartment, so I would definitely buy a house. I think I would also use the money for something philanthropic. 

10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to fly or teleport.

The staff members here at the Boerigter Center want to reach out to every student at Hope and get them involved in the BCCC. We hope that getting to know our staff members allows students to feel comfortable seeking help from our office no matter what stage of their college career they may be in.

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