Final Senior Thoughts

As the academic year draws to a close, the Career Development Office is getting ready for summer, and the Career Advisors are getting ready for finals week or graduation. This year, the CDC will be sending off ten of the fifteen Career Advisors that currently work in the office. That number is the most graduates the CDC has sent off at one time!
The CDC will miss the graduating seniors, but before they leave, each senior made one final statement about why they loved working at the CDC.
Senior Jessica White commented:
Jessica White

I loved working at the CDC because I was surrounded by a supportive community that was all about saying “yes” and helping you find practical ways of achieving your goals. The CDC was and continues to be a family that challenges people to grow. It was there there to lift me up through the tough times and as sad as I am to leave the office behind, I know it’s a place I can always return. It has truly become a second home.

 Senior Sophia Bouma-Prediger said:
Sophia Bouma-Prediger

I loved working at the CDC because I got to interact with other students and help them achieve their career goals, while learning more about how to achieve my own.

When asked this question, Hadley Roy stated:

Hadley Roy

My favorite thing about working at the CDC was the way it allowed me to connect with other students, faculty, and staff. My work at the CDC has helped me reach out and bring amazing stories to thousands of students every week through Facebook campaigns and has given me the privilege of meeting one-on-one with members of the Hope community who are willing to share their knowledge and passion with our office. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have engaged with so many different people that are a part of this amazing place!

Spencer Westley

Spencer Westley, a graduating Management major, commented:

I liked working at the CDC because it was fun to be in a family of like-minded people who cared about professional development as much as I did.

Sarah Carpenter exclaimed:

Sarah Carpenter

I loved working at the CDC because the individuals who work there have shown me what living into my vocation looks like in a professional sense. Through excellent relational skills, this office has demonstrated how professionalism fits into one’s life as a whole, how passions align with careers, and how living out these gifts aids oneself and ultimately one’s community. I have loved working in the CDC and I’m so grateful for all they’ve taught me!

Stephanie Eiler remarked:

Stephanie Eiler

Working at the Career Development Center has been a great way to further my development both personally and professionally. The staff members in the office have become mentors to me throughout my time at Hope. The other CAs are a fun group of students that have also been supportive throughout my junior and senior year. I couldn’t imagine my college experience without working and being able to schedule meetings with everyone (and I do mean everyone) in the office. This office will always hold a special place in my heart and an office that every student on campus should utilize! 10/10 would recommend the CDC services.

Senior Gabriela Vazquez stated:

Gabriela Vazquez

I have worked at the CDC for two years now and I have loved my experience here. My role has changed from working in the events group, to working as Dale’s assistant; one thing that has remained constant however is my love for working here. I liked working here because I felt like a part of  a group and although we all worked on different projects and specialized in different aspects, we all came together to serve the Hope College student population.

Tyler Dunifin declared:

Tyler Dunifin

I enjoyed working at the Career Development Center because it allowed me to use my existing skill set while also cultivating new skills through personal and professional development. I have loved working with an amazing team of people, and this opportunity has opened many career doors for me as I near graduation. Working alongside staff as well as fellow students from various backgrounds in a professional environment has been a very rewarding experience, as it has shown me the results that can come about from having diverse input on projects. Overall, being a Career Advisor was one of the more rewarding experiences that I had as a Hope College student.

Finally, Nancy Benda expressed:

Nancy Benda

Working at the CDC gave me an abundance of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. I developed strong relationships with the Career Counselors which has been invaluable in my own development, and in turn I have used my knowledge to educate my peers for the future. It’s been a unique experience to be a Career Advisor, and I know I will always reflect fondly upon my work at the CDC.

The Career Development Center would like to wish all the graduating seniors luck with their future endevors. Their hard work and service to our office has been helpful and enjoyable, and we will miss them next year!

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  1. What an amazing group of people I have had the opportunity to work with! Can not wait to see you in your next chapter of life and please know you will all be missed more than words can say!!

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