Twinkie Resurfaces! – Spring 2011

Following almost a year of staying undercover, the Twinkie has come back from “sabbatical leave” to rejoin the exploits of Biology department members.  Some of you have been around long enough to know that the Twinkie first made his/her public appearance in the Spring 2008 newsletter and has travelled in at least 3 continents since that time.  Subject to a diverse array of harrowing adventures, the Twinkie has escaped being eaten by a Black Rat Snake in the Mohonk Reserve in New York, has survived tropical downpours in Central America, and has even gazed upon Mount Kilimanjaro after avoiding being stolen from a traveling student’s luggage.  Still, the original Twinkie persists (although it may actually consist of a larger variety of organisms, genomes, and compounds than it did in 2008), and recently took a break with an undisclosed professor to vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.