Men’s Basketball Coach Greg Mitchell: Hope Athletics Podcast

Greg Mitchell’s love of basketball and family courses through him now just like they did when he was a child.

Amid challenging times, the Hope College men’s basketball coach is leaning on both passions to keep his spirits high.

This year, Mitchell is enjoying being back together and practicing with his Flying Dutchmen basketball team, even though they will play games remains uncertain. He also relishes his new role as a grandpa.

Greg Mitchell chats with Clayton Dykhouse on the sideline during a basketball game at DeVos Fieldhouse.
Clayton Dykhouse, left, and Greg Mitchell chat during a game last season at DeVos Fieldhouse.

Mitchell chatted in the Orange and Blue Podcast about how he has navigated the COVID-19 pandemic with his team and how proud he is of his players.

“There are so many ways people can handle this situation. You can be just kind of down in the dumps because of the unknown. You feel like things are taken away from you and all those emotions,” Mitchell. “Our guys have chosen just to attack the day and be as great as they can possibly be.

“I’m just excited to test the level of what I think is a vast improvement in all facets of Hope basketball. We just need a season to take place. We’re going to forge ahead and ensure that that growth.”

‘A StereoTypical Grandfather’

Mitchell also is happily settling into being a grandpa. His daughter, Jalynn, and son-in-law, Nick Holt, welcomed son Callahan to the family this year.

“I wish I could not sound like the stereotypical grandfather, Mitchell said. “First of all, I can’t believe I’m a grandfather, just using that term. What I mean by that is your grandchild is the greatest grandchild in the world. I think ours is, right?. I mean, that it’s just got how it operates.

“It’s the greatest blessing ever. I’ve fallen right into that stereotype of the grandparent that thinks his grandchild is the best. We love spending time with him.”

Written transcipt of the podcast

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