Spring Student-Athletes Discuss Gratitude and Leadership, Part 2

Six Hope College student-athletes share what they have been focusing on during a spring season changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. They talk about how they have tried to display leadership and show gratitude during trying times.

In Part 1, they answered the following question regarding leadership: “How have you helped lead your team this school year amid the pandemic that has required so many changes to the way you do things?” 

In Part 2, the team captains answered the following question regarding gratitude: “What is something positive you have experienced this school year that you might not have during a “traditional” season?”

Jo Cook, Softball

“No other Hope Softball team has gone through a season like this, which I feel makes us expectational in our own way regardless of what our record shows. I believe the positive of this season is that the team knows how special the time we have together is, and it is not taken for granted.”

Bailey Chorney, Women’s Tennis

“Something positive I have experienced this year is getting to write motivational letters for teammates and receiving them back. This is something we like to do once in a while as a team in order to encourage each other. I get so much joy from both writing and receiving these, and it is something we have been able to keep up with even though it is not a ‘traditional’ season.”

Luke Elder, Men’s Lacrosse

“There is a sense of closeness within our team. This season, more than most, there is a tremendous feeling of togetherness and brotherhood. As much as the pandemic has brought hardship, it’s forced us to hold each other accountable and find unique ways of communicating and being together.”

Paige Rosenbrook, Women’s Lacrosse

“Though this year has been weird, one thing I have appreciated is how it has brought the team together. Since we have to be careful with who we see outside of the team, we have been hanging out more than any other year. After last season being taken away, I think we all have a new level of appreciation for this season and the team. It’s been awesome creating these bonds with each other!”

Evan Becker, Baseball

“Oftentimes being put in smaller groups due to COVID, I have built better relationships with people I otherwise might not have.”

Hayley Scollard, Women’s Outdoor Track and Field

“Something positive I experienced during this school year was giving grace toward everyone, myself included. I used to put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. But the pandemic blew all of that out of the water. It made me realize what’s really important. And now I am just grateful for everyday we have as a team, the health of our bodies, the ability to run, jump, throw and compete. That may sound counter-intuitive since I am a competitive athlete, but I find my impact on Hope will be mostly through the relationships I have formed rather than the races I have won. The most significant positive would definitely be the relationships we have formed and continue to strengthen due to the unique experience we have had as student-athletes during a pandemic.”

Evan Becker, Bailey Chorney, Jo Cook, Luke Elder, Paige Rosenbrook and Hayley Scollard each pose for portrait.

Spring Student-Athletes Discuss Gratitude and Leadership, Part 1

Six Hope College student-athletes share what they have been focusing on during a spring season changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. They talk about how they have tried to display leadership and show gratitude during trying times.

In Part 1, they answered the following question regarding leadership: “How have you helped lead your team this school year amid the pandemic that has required so many changes to the way you do things?” 

In Part 2, the team captains answered the following question regarding gratitude: “What is something positive you have experienced this school year that you might not have during a “traditional” season?”

Hayley Scollard, Women’s Outdoor Track and Field

“I think I helped the team just by showing up and allowing track to be a space for whatever people need. Some days just showing up to practice felt difficult since we did not have competitions for a long period of time. For a while, the team morale felt pretty low. But I knew if I gave up on giving my full effort, even with the little things and not putting my best self forward at practice, I was doing a disservice to my team. I tried to be positive but realistic as a captain, and tried to frequently check-in on teammates. My concern was more about everyone’s mental wellbeing. I hoped practice was a positive part of everyone’s day and made them closer to realizing their potential as an athlete. I tried my best to have a positive attitude since there is little we have control over, but I felt grateful to be able to run everyday that we could.”

Evan Becker, Baseball

“For me, I think trying to lead this year has been a great experience and although it has been difficult. I think it has been easier to relate to every guy on the team because we are all going through the same thing. As a leader, I think it has been important to express being smart on and off the field in hopes of keeping COVID away from our program to the best of our ability. I’ve also tried to listen to any concerns that my teammates have had because just being there for a teammate to let out frustration or confusion can help.”

Jo Cook, Softball

“I feel I bring a positive attitude every single day I get a chance to play my sport and be with my team. I want to bring a smile to others in a time when that can be difficult for some. As a leader and a senior, it can be tiresome continually hearing changes and new restrictions, but my main goal this year is to not let that affect the time that I have with my team.”

Paige Rosenbrook, Women’s Lacrosse

“This year, I have put focus on being positive and having fun. Through everything that has happened, I think it’s important to look for the bright side and enjoy each moment we have.” 

Luke Elder, Men’s Lacrosse

“We’ve worked hard to control the controllable. I’ve tried to focus our attention on practicing with intensity every day, doing the little things right and being there for each other. Our team has adopted the mantra that practice is our “recess” for the day — our time to enjoy the sport we love and forget about everything else.”

Bailey Chorney, Women’s Tennis

“As our captain this year, one of my biggest focuses was trying to find ways for our team to still connect amidst the pandemic. Especially with last year’s season being cut short as well, this season in a way feels like the first real season for both freshmen and sophomores. Because of this, I have worked really hard and collaborated with others to think of some new ways to connect with teammates. These are things such as team hikes — but distanced with masks — team dinners—but distanced with masks ‚ and team bible study — but distanced with masks, and other things along similar lines. Amidst all of this chaos, I think our team can agree that we can still be each other’s source of comfort and family on campus.”

Senior Day Tribute: Men’s Lacrosse

On Wednesday, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. in Van Andel Soccer Stadium, the Hope College men’s lacrosse team will pay tribute to its four graduating seniors. Since few fans are allowed at the event to recognize these student-athletes’ careers, head coach Michael Schanhals honors these seniors here.

Adam Bell

Adam Bell — Hometown: Lake Orion, Michigan (Oxford HS); Major: Business

Adam has worked hard to serve our team, no matter what is asked of him. He routinely comes into games under the most difficult circumstances and he excels under this pressure. He has been resilient, and an excellent leader for our program.  He has accepted a job with Coyote Logistics in Detroit.

Luke Elder

Luke Elder — Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan (East Grand Rapids HS); Majors: Communication and Studio Art

Luke has been an excellent leader and captain for us. He has excelled on the field, in the classroom, and as a teammate. He will pursue graduate studies in Integrated Marketing Communications next year.

Peter Reynolds — Hometown: Holland, Michigan (Black River HS); Majors: Communication and English

Our team loves Peter. He has done an excellent job serving our program, and is an entertaining teammate. He has regularly battled through health issues to help our program. He has accepted a job with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and his future plans include being the first diabetic to wrestle a grizzly bear and win.

Colton Warren

Colton Warren — Hometown: Hudsonville, Michigan (Hudsonville HS); Major: Comprehensive Education K-8

Colton has thrived both on and off the field, and he has been an outstanding teammate. Colton’s energy and grin are infectious and he routinely makes everyone’s day a little better. He will be interviewing for jobs in West Michigan.

Senior Day Tribute: Women’s Lacrosse

On Saturday, April 17 at 1 p.m. in Van Andel Soccer Stadium, the Hope College women’s lacrosse team will pay tribute to its 10 graduating seniors. Since few fans are allowed at the event to recognize these student-athletes’ careers, head coach Keagan Pontious honors these seniors here.

“It has been a privilege and honor to coach all of these young women,” Pontious starts. “They have made me a better coach each and every day we saw each other. They fought through situations that no one could have predicted would ever come about. They stayed determined and focused throughout their four years to prove that Hope women’s lacrosse team is full of amazing young women. I am so proud of what we have built as a program with these women as our leaders. They will be missed greatly. We love you all and are proud to welcome you as Hope women’s lacrosse alumna.”

Caitlyn Cowell

Caitlyn Cowell — Hometown: Culver, Indiana (Culver Academies); Major: Business

“Caitlyn is our strong defensive leader. She has the knowledge and lax IQ that allows her to teach those around her. She recognizes and adapts quickly in a game allowing us to shut down the opponent. Her experience on the defensive end will be missed!”

Rachel Elder

Rachel Elder — Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan (East Grand Rapids HS); Majors: Business and Communication

Rachel has unbelievable passion for this game. She constantly works on ways to grow mentally, physically and spiritually so she can be better than she was the day before. She has a fantastic positive attitude that is contagious for our team, and she sets a great example with her work ethic.

Laurel Frederickson

Laurel Frederickson — Hometown: Alto, Michigan (Lowell HS); Majors: Public Accounting and Business

Laurel has been an amazing goalie for this program for the last four years. She has sacrificed so much for this team and continues to do so everyday. She is one of the toughest players we have.

Helen Holt

Helen Holt — Hometown: Myersville, Maryland (Middletown HS); Major: Biology

Helen is our vocal leader who brings light and reason to stressful situations. She always puts her teammates first and is willing to go the extra mile for the team.

Madison Micho

Madison Micho — Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan (East Grand Rapids HS); Major: Mechanical Engineering

Madison is one of our most passionate players. She loves this game and is determined to compete every day. She has the biggest heart and cares so much about her teammates. Her work ethic is one that we all respect greatly.

Caroline Milholland

Caroline Milholland — Hometown: Midland, Michigan (H.H. Dow HS); Major: Exercise Science

Caroline is the most consistent player we have. She shows up every day with a fantastic attitude, a smile and focus. She is a great defender who recognizes how we can improve as a defensive unit.

Carly Pieri

Carly Pieri — Hometown: Alto, Michigan (Caledonia HS); Major: Comprehensive Education & Special Education

Carly is a very driven player who will do anything for this team. She is a player who thrives in stressful situations and is a game time finisher. Carly’s love for this game and her teammates is unmatchable.

Jane Ragains

Jane Ragains — Hometown: Western Springs, Illinois (Lyons Township HS); Major: Physical Education

Jane has become a fantastic leader for us. She repeatedly puts in work every day and encourages her teammates to do the same. She pushes those around her mentally and physically in a positive way.

Paige Rosenbrook

Paige Rosenbrook — Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan (Haslett HS); Major: Mechanical Engineering

Paige is our glue player and charismatic leader. She cares so much about every one of her teammates that it allows us to be successful. She shows empathy and builds those up around her.

Paige Wilmer

Paige Wilmer — Hometown: Columbus, Ohio (Upper Arlington HS); Major: Nursing

Paige’s quiet leadership and solid work ethic is an important asset to our team. She leads by example, and puts her teammates first. Paige’s midfield vision and creativity on the field allows her to be successful.

Senior Day Tribute: Volleyball

On Wednesday, April 14 at 6:30 p.m. in DeVos Fieldhouse, the Hope College volleyball team will pay tribute to its lone graduating senior. Since few fans are allowed at the event to recognize senior setter Adair Cutler’s career, head coach Becky Schmidt honors Cutler and Thompson here.

Adair Cutler

Adair Cutler — Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan (Lansing Christian HS); Major: Mathematics

Adair has been a strong and steady presence on our team ever since she first arrived. She is a gifted setter, able to send the ball anywhere on th court from any kind of pass. She has built relationships with her teammates that result in mutual respect – she works hard to serve them and they work hard to serve her. I am inspired by her faithfulness and the love she shares with her teammates and this entire community.

Rose Thompson

Rose Thompson — Hometown: Coopersville, Michigan (Unity Christian HS); Major: Exercise Science

Rose Thompson has grown immeasurably over her four years at Hope and we are incredibly proud of her.  She has developed into a selfless leader who cares deeply about her teammates.  Rose’s smile is as big as her swing.  She has developed into an aggressive attacker at both the left and right antennas and is an imposing blocker.  She has learned to hold herself to high standards while allowing herself the grace to enjoy the journey. 

Senior Day Tribute: Women’s Soccer

On Thursday, April 1 at 7 p.m. in Van Andel Soccer Stadium, the Hope College women’s soccer team will pay tribute to its seven graduating seniors. Since few fans are allowed at the event to recognize these student-athletes’ careers, head coach Leigh Sears honors these seniors here.

Corinne Cole

Corinne ColeHometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota (Eastview HS); Major: Psychology

Corinne is the type of player that every team needs.  Her ability to look out and care for her teammates has been a gift to our younger players.  She not only works hard to be at her best on the field, but she works very hard to be a great teammate.

Dana Dunning

Dana DunningHometown: Jonesville, Michigan (Jonesville HS); Majors: Business and Communication

Dana’s ability to wear multiple hats in the program has been invaluable.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Dana looks after her teammates and wants everyone to enjoy the ride. Hope women’s soccer is a better place because of Dana.

Maria Egloff

Maria Egloff — Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan (Loy Norrix HS); Major: Nursing

Maria is everything a coach would want in a player: hard working, dedicated to the team, and committed to always getting better. Most important, Maria is a leader who cares for those around her.

Jordanne Ellingboe

Jordanne EllingboeHometown: Grand Haven, Michigan (Grand Haven HS); Major: Business

Jordanne has been a steady presence in goal for the past four years. Her mental toughness allows her to handle the challenges that come with being a goalkeeper.   She has been instrumental in the success of the program.

Brinley Nieuwenhuis

Brinley Nieuwenhuis — Hometown: Wayland, Michigan (Wayland HS); Major: Physical Education

Brinley has been a fierce competitor.  The intensity she brings each day to practice and competition is unmatched.  Brinley continues to push herself and her teammates to become better players.

Mekenna VanKoevering

Mekenna VanKoevering — Hometown: Zeeland, Michigan (Hudsonville Unity Christian HS); Major: Nursing

Mekenna’s hard work is something to admire. Taking a unique path to the Hope women’s soccer team, she has made the most of every opportunity. Mekenna has risen to a position of leadership and is someone you can count on to show up everyday and put the work in, and make her team better.

Audrey White

Audrey White — Hometown: Hudsonville, Michigan (Hudsonville HS); Majors: Exercise Science and Nursing

Audrey has been a servant leader from day one.  She has gained the respect of her teammates by working hard at every aspect of her life.  She has not only made herself into a great student and player but a fantastic teammate and leader.

Baseball Coach Stu Fritz: Hope Athletics Podcast

Baseball has been a central part of Stu Fritz’s life as long as he can remember.

From family vacations to St. Louis Cardinals games growing up in Iowa to 28 seasons as Hope College’s baseball coach, he has loved the game.

Prior to last weekend’s season-opening doubleheader, Fritz joined the Orange and Blue Podcast to discuss his baseball roots and the unique 2021 baseball season for the Flying Dutchmen.

Stu Fritz poses for a portrait.
Head baseball coach and associate professor of kinesiology Stu Fritz

Fritz and his team returned to competition this spring after the 2020 season was canceled after three games due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I would say that baseball players and coaches, by our nature, have to be resilient with rainouts and makeups, especially playing here in the Great Lakes region. We’re used to having things postponed or canceled, but never quite to that magnitude,” Fritz said. “I will tip my hat to our guys. They handled it extremely well. It was disappointing for our coaching staff to truly have a season taken away.

“If there is a silver lining, it’s that everybody else was in the same boat. We didn’t have anything else we could do, so we took it in stride. We’re ready to get back out and get going.”

Looking Ahead

2021 Season Preview

The 2021 baseball season is full of promise for the Flying Dutchmen. They won a school-record 31 games in their last full season in 2019. They were picked to be a contender for an MIAA title this spring; finishing second in the league’s preseason coaches poll. 

Fritz, who started playing baseball as a child in Iowa, is grateful for all of the opportunities the game has given him. He has traveled to Switzerland to take part in coaching clinics. He has served as president of the American Baseball Coaches Association.

And, he’s made a career coaching the sport itself at Hope College — a path that started because of a chance meeting with retired Hope College men’s basketball Glenn Van Wieren at St. Olaf College (Minnesota) 30 years ago.

“I firmly believe that our creator puts us in spots and gives us opportunities,” Fritz said.

When he’s not at the baseball field, Fritz works to mold the educators of tomorrow. He recently became tenured as an associate professor of kinesiology at Hope. As part of his role, he helps assess student physical education teachers.

“I enjoy being out in the field,” Fritz said. “I think it helps me stay current to see our students in a different way: in the classroom versus always on the court, on the track, in the pool, or on the field. It’s something near and dear to my heart.”

Softball Coach Mary VandeHoef: Hope Athletics Podcast

Head coach Mary VandeHoef is eager to lead her Hope College softball team on the field again.

After 364 days since their last games, she is poised to get the chance to compete with the Flying Dutch this weekend. Hope opens the 2021 season with a non-league doubleheader at Hanover College (Indiana) on Saturday, March 6.

Earlier this month, VandeHoef joined the Hope Athletics Orange and Blue Podcast to discuss how she and her team managed the past year that’s been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mary VandeHoef poses for a portrait.
Mary VandeHoef, Hope College softball coach and Dow Center Director

VandeHoef expressed pride in how everyone on the team — from student-athletes, coaches, and support staff — banded together to assist each other during a trying time.

“In my lifetime I’ve never seen something like that get taken away,” VandeHoef said. “To have it happen when you’re playing is really hard. We wanted to acknowledge that but also be moving forward and pressing on. We really were able to make the most of our fall season.

“I’m really grateful we were able to get a chance to do so. Now, we’re just getting better every day and itching to get out there and play and compete. I cannot wait to compete with this team — just get after it and enjoy it.”

‘Staying connected’ through softball

This is VandeHoef’s 11th season as head softball coach. It will be a unique one.

Understandably, there has been more on her student-athletes’ hearts and minds the past year as everyone has adjusted to online classes, new safety protocols and limited social contact.

There will be no spring break trip to Florida this year, so VandeHoef has been creative to bolster the team camaraderie that often has been elevated during the annual excursion down south. Also, there are more games against MIAA opponents to fill out a 40-game schedule.

“There definitely have been aspects that are tough,” VandeHoef said. “We talk about being a five-minute friend, being that friend and teammate who is there for each other when you need it, to talk, facetime, or text. I think they really did a good job of staying connected in their own way. We’re certainly connected as a team.”

The Flying Dutch is expected to be a contender for an MIAA title this spring. Hope finished third in the 2021 MIAA Preseason Coaches Poll.

Dow Center Director

In addition to coaching softball, VandeHoef serves as the Dow Center director on campus.

The facility is the student recreation and intramural center, holds space for academic classes and is the home of the college’s dance department, and is a fitness area for faculty, staff, and community members. The Dow Center also periodically is a practice facility for Hope’s varsity teams.

It is a role that VandeHoef relishes since she enjoyed numerous broad-based activities as a student-athlete at her alma mater, Central College (Iowa).

“The Dow is so important to our campus,” VandeHoef said. “Having a place to recreate and have some fun and be with your friends is important. There are a lot of aspects of campus life that happen at the Dow that are fun to be facilitating. It’s a great position to know more of the Hope community and what makes this place special.”

Written transcript of Mary VandeHoef’s interview

Men’s Lacrosse Coach Michael Schanhals: Hope Athletics Podcast

All these years later, Michael Schanhals ’91, Hope College’s men’s lacrosse coach, still shakes his head about how his coaching career began.

He recalls visiting a friend in his old dorm room at Hope College when a call for him there. He answered the phone — which hung on a wall, not in his hand.

Michael Schanhals poses for a portrait.
Men’s lacrosse head coach Michael Schanhals

“I thought, ‘That’s weird?’ It’s a total coincidence that I was even in the vicinity,” Schanhals said on the Hope Athletics Orange and Blue Podcast. “It was Rick Morris from East Grand Rapids, and they want to interview me for a coaching job. I got the job as head boys lacrosse coach at East Grand Rapids, absolutely loved coaching there.”

Schanhals became smitten with coaching and made it a life-long passion. Since 2005, he has led the Flying Dutchmen lacrosse club he played for and oversaw its transition into a varsity program.

Hope is scheduled to begin its ninth varsity season on Wednesday, March 3 with a 5 p.m. home game against Aurora University (Illinois).

Building a Winning Program

Schanhals has built the Flying Dutchmen into a successful program. Hope is pursuing its third consecutive MIAA regular-season championship this spring.

The Flying Dutchmen won regular-season league titles in 2018 and 2019 and made their first NCAA Division III Tournament appearance in 2019 after winning the MIAA Tournament.

Hope started the 2020 season 3-0 before the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the remainder of the season. Schanhals guided the Flying Dutchmen through workouts last fall.

“Our fall work was really productive. Now, obviously, the next step is to test that against some other competition, too,” Schanhals said. “We’re really lucky to have a very talented and deep group of young players. We feel like we’re ready for games, but we also know that, once the games are on our growth and learning opportunities are just going to accelerate that much more. We’re really excited about that.”

In addition to coaching, Schanhals is a high school English teacher for North Muskegon Public Schools. He also coaches eighth-grade basketball there.

“The dead period for the NCAA is November and December from the end of fall ball to when we start back up,” Schanhals said. “I just can’t help it. I just really love the interaction, I think I learned so much from playing sports and just love it.

“To be able to share that, then also create a relationship with people so that you can be pushed intellectually at the same time, is everything I’ve ever wanted to do professionally. I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity for sure.”

A written transcript of the Orange and Blue Podcast

Senior Day Tribute: Women’s Basketball

On Saturday, February 27, the Hope College women’s basketball team will pay tribute to its nine graduating seniors. Since fans are not allowed at the event to recognize these student-athletes’ careers, head coach Brian Morehouse honors these seniors in his own words below.

Courteney Barnes

Courteney Barnes — Hometown: Mokena, Illinois (Lincoln Way-Central HS); Majors: Special Education and Comprehensive Education K-8

Courteney has demonstrated a tireless work ethic over her career. She was the most improved player as a junior and has worked to improve each off season. Her aggressive play has led to a bigger role every year. She has left her mark both on the court and off with her leadership of the team bible study and work with the athletic chaplain.  Courteney will be an impactful elementary teacher. 

Mallory Gerber

Mallory Gerber — Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois (Schaumburg HS); Major: Biology

Mallory developed from a spot-up shooter to an inside/outside threat. Her biggest improvement was on defense where she developed over four years into an excellent ball screen defender and outstanding team defender. Mallory is a great teammate who grew from her SEED mission trip and became a spiritual leader on the team. Mallory is headed to physician assistant school upon graduation.  

Natalee Kott

Natalee Kott — Hometown: Manistee, Michigan (Manistee HS); Major: Psychology

Natalee is a player who improved every single year at Hope. A severe knee injury caused her to miss her junior year, but tireless rehabilitation with our athletic trainers allowed her to return successfully for the senior campaign. She is unflappable under pressure and a knock-down shooter who increased her range throughout her career. Not many people know, but she is also the best dancer on the team. 

Jess Moorman

Jess Moorman — Hometown: Northville, Michigan (Northville HS); Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jess was awarded the BCAM (Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan) “Team First award for the 2019-2020 season. As a huge energy player, Jess has played many positions on the team from a guard to a post player. Her athleticism and instincts for the ball are what sets her apart on the floor. Jess worked hard to develop her shot consistency over four years and is now a dependable shooter and defender. A spiritual leader and go-to person for every player on the team, Jess will be a great addition to any company as an engineer after graduation. 

Sydney Muller

Sydney Muller — Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan (Grand Rapids Christian HS); Major: Exercise Science

Though transferring in as a sophomore, it just seems like Sydney was here all four years. She is a player who earned her teammates respect when she arrived through being a team-first player immediately. She is a very high basketball IQ player who is also tremendously skilled. A devastating  junior-year knee injury derailed an all-American type season, but her tireless work with the athletic trainers has allowed her to return to form as a senior. Syd is headed to physician assistant school upon graduation.  

Lauren Newman

Lauren Newman — Hometown: Flushing, Michigan (Flushing HS); Major: Nursing

Thrust into the starting point guard role as a freshmen after not playing it in high school, Lauren has been a lead by example player at the point of the #1-ranked Hope defense. Her pressure on opposing team guards set up her teammates behind her allowing the defense to thrive. She has shown great improvement due to skill development after sophomore year to become a better offensive player. She is a three year captain who has done a great job leading by example. Lauren will be a great asset to the health care community as she serves as a nurse.

Ashleigh Thomas

Ashleigh Thomas — Hometown: Shelby Township, Michigan (Lutheran North HS); Major: Nursing

Ashleigh is a multi-skilled player who improved each season. I thought the key point in her career was during her junior year when she embraced being our do-everything player (offensive rebound, inside/outside threat), and sacrificed her own stats for team wins. She has done a great job balancing out the rigors of nursing clinicals, missed practices, and being prepared despite not being able to be at every practice. She has been named the top nursing student in her class, and Ashleigh will be a tremendous nurse.  

Kenedy Schoonveld

Kenedy Schoonveld — Hometown: Zeeland, Michigan (Holland Christian HS); Major: Social Work

Kenedy is a four-year starter who recently scored her 1000th point.  She was selected as the MIAA MVP and a first-team All American as a junior. She is a tireless worker and has developed her skill both in and out of season. She has improved each season. She is an overlooked great defender who draws the other team’s toughest offensive assignment each game. She has served as a captain for three years and provides a steadying influence on the team.  Kenedy is headed to graduate school in social work.  

Olivia Voskuil

Olivia Voskuil — Hometown: Holland, Michigan (Holland Christian HS); Major: Civil Engineering

Each summer Olivia went to work and improved her skill and physicality. She is loved by her teammates for her leadership and approachability.  She will graduate as the career leader in blocked shots and a two-time MIAA Defensive Player of the Year. She is the key player in a team that was ranked #1 in the nation for defense. Her anticipation and athleticism allowed her teammates to thrive on defense because she would protect the rim. Olivia’s tireless work ethic has resulted in obvious offensive improvement each year, including extending her range to the 3-point line. Olivia will attend graduate school for engineering.