Ashley’s on Pointe for Success

Ashley, a freshman at Hope College, is from Lapeer, Michigan. Throughout high school, Ashley began noticing a multitude of her fellow dancers dealing with eating disorders, psychological disorders, and personality disorders. These girls’ constant negativity toward themselves was flooding through her dance department and cascading down into the next generation of dancers. Ashley heard a younger dancer say as she looked in the mirror, “I’m so fat,” and another say, “I look like a whale.” Both girls were eleven years old. This contagious disease of self loathing was progressing into the younger dancers, and Ashley couldn’t just sit around and watch it happen. She approached her student counselor and said,

“I want to do something for young people. I care about them, and they need help.”

Ashley brought her enthusiasm to Hope College, where she fell in love with both the Dance and Science Departments.
“The [Hope College] Dance Department was so friendly and personable, I fell in love with it.”

Ashley plans on double majoring in Dance and Psychology and minoring in Neuroscience. Her short term goals include joining Hope College’s H2 Dance Co. and participating in research in the neurological sciences. Ashley’s long term goals focus on creating a career through Dance Therapy and dancing in her favorite city — Paris! Hope College created a platform for Ashley’s ambition to thrive and to combine her two passions — dance and science. Ashley will be an unstoppable force at Hope College.

Ashley is only able to attend Hope College because of her scholarships. She would like those donors who provided her scholarships to know how much she appreciates them by saying,

“Thank you so much for contributing to my education, enabling me to attend Hope College! Because of your generosity, attending Hope has become more attainable!”

Your Hope Fund gifts support Ashley and students just like her. Gifts to the Hope Fund go directly to support student scholarships and make it possible for many deserving students to attend Hope College. You make an immediate and life-shaping impact for students when you join the community of Hope Fund donors. Your gifts create passion and bolster commitment to help students grow spiritually and academically.

Investing in Ashley and all Hope students provides them with an unsurpassed educational experience at Hope College. Your faithful giving makes a difference.

Published by Hope Potgiesser

Hi, I'm Hope. I am a junior at Hope College, currently pursuing a Communication Major and an English Minor. My hometown is Lawton, Michigan, and I am a former track and field athlete.

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  1. Ashley is an amazing young woman and Hope College is fortunate to have her as part of their community!

    1. Our daughter was also a dancer though her dancing at Hope was limited to the Poms squad. She is now a physical therapist working right there in Holland following her dream. Ashley’s heart and ambitions are commendable … glad to be a small part of her future.

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