My Summer Experience at Mason Street Warehouse

ToriThis summer I have the exciting honor to be working at Saugatuck’s Center for the Arts as a spotlight operator for their theatre, Mason Street Warehouse. Mason Street just closed the show Million Dollar Quartet with record ticket sales and we can look forward to their upcoming shows Murder for Two (July 22 through August 7) and The Great American Trailor Park Musical (August 12-28).

Murder for Two consists of two actors, one who plays the leading detective in a classic “who done it” mystery while the other actor plays a multitude of different perpetrators. The show covers a plethora of genres and iconic references from film noir to Scooby Doo. Tickets are going fast and I can not talk up the amazing talent of the people working at Mason Street enough! You can either call their box office at 269-857-2399 or visit their website, for tickets and more information. Here is also a word from their director, David Eggers, about the show.

As a theatre student, this opportunity has been nothing but rewarding. I am still narrowing down the specific area I want to specialize in and internships at local theatres like this where I can apply what I’m learning at Hope and get hands on experience is truly a gift. Working with lighting for the first time in a production has been a beautiful new way for me to see how I can still perform without standing on the stage. I’ve had to learn the actor’s physical cues and how to anticipate their next move almost through a silent language. It only strengthens the warm family dynamic that Mason Street supports which recognizes each and every person it takes to make a production possible. But aside from being welcoming, it is also an Equity theatre, so I am getting a chance to see what professional theatre is like from the inside while learning and working alongside the stage manager and master electrician.

Blogging Debut!

ToriHi there! My name is Victoria! I’m originally from the small village of Vicksburg, Michigan, but am currently a sophomore here at Hope College and am double majoring in Theatre and French. I am extremely involved with the theatre department here at Hope and will probably be posting a lot about it! (See below for what we’re currently working on!)

Outside of theatre I love languages and studying different cultures so I try to stay involved in our French organizations here on campus as well. I joke that French occupies my days whereas theatre occupies my evenings. But regardless I still find time to hang out with friends and work at the Outreach Center as a student caller! And being a recipient of a Hope Fund Scholarship, I am very thankful to have the chance to personally thank the generous alumni who make it possible for students like myself to attend this outstanding institution.

Currently I just wrapped up stage managing for an amazing production called, ME, MYSELF, AND I. We had the phenomenal Richard Hoehler as a guest director from New York come and work with a group of ten students in the span of two weeks. During those two weeks, the cast, who started off as writers, underwent writing workshops and created a seven minute monologue each about themselves and by the end of our first week, we had a finished script. The next and final week they went from writers to actors and worked on getting the show on it’s feet and then exactly two weeks from their first rehearsal and one week from our first read through of the script, we performed the pieces. I was so honored getting to stage manage for such a talented group of individuals who displayed such courage as they bared their raw souls to friends, family, and the Hope community. Next I’ll be assistant stage managing The Tempest and house managing Miss Julie.

Stay tuned . . .