Want to spread Hope near your home?

Over the years, it has become apparent that Hope alumni and families are great at planting the seeds of Hope throughout the world. We appreciate everything the greater Hope community has done to encourage prospective students to consider spending four years learning and growing on our campus.

And now we want to equip you to be even more effective!

Recruiter in a Box was created for our alumni and families who know they can reach 3-10 prospective students and could benefit from a few more tools to do it. Simply sign up using this short form and we’ll send you a box full of materials and swag to share with high school students who you think would love life in orange and blue. You can choose the number of materials you would like to have sent, based on your needs.

Learn more at hope.edu/refer.

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement at alumni@hope.edu or 616.395.7250.

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