Approaching Midterms…

Needing to Improve Your Studying and Learning?             In case you haven’t been keeping track, midterm is less than three weeks away and only two weeks after you return from Winter Break!  At this point are you feeling like you need to kick your academics into a higher gear?  If so, you’re not alone: the new-semester honeymoon is […]

“How To” at the Academic Success Center (ASC)

All ASC services are free of charge. Apply for Peer Partnership Learning (PPL) in General Biology and General Chemistry using the following links: BIOL 105 CHEM 125 Request tutoring in a 100 or 200 level course: Complete an application for tutoring, available on the ASC website or in 261 Van Zoeren, and turn it into […]

So what’s the big deal? Working Memory

So what’s the big deal? posts are intended to provide information regarding aspects of our body that affect daily life. The medical and educational world might label some of these things as disabilities. I prefer to think of them differently: it’s about understanding the way we are wired. I want to provide a simple example of 1) recognizing […]

Academic Success Center

  Meet the staff of the Academic Success Center (ASC), in alphabetical order. We are located in VanZoeren 261 and all services offered are free to current students. Carrie Dattels is the Coordinator of Disability Services. After thirteen years in various vocational rehabilitation roles she returned to Hope in 2016, having been a student and RA during […]